When I search the term "Chinese"

I am doing some searches for photos for a Chinese related project, the search results came out with some good ones, and also many COVID-19 related photos, including face masks in various forms. I personally felt that is not proper, and should be corrected.

I hope the Envato team will look into this to maintain its reputation.

You might need to be a bit clearer about exactly what it is that you feel is not proper. But feel free to write to support if you’d like them to look into it…

Envato Market Help and Support

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Hi @AndrewCHK. Were you searching on PhotoDune, Envato Elements or Twenty20?

Were you using any particular sort or filtering options, or any other keywords?

I’ve just had a look at Elements and PhotoDune (searching for the keyword chinese) and couldn’t spot many in the first couple of pages - just one image under “Trending” for PD, with none in the other sorting options, and one on the second page of Elements results. If you can share more information about where you’ve seen these, I can follow up with the relevant team.

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Hi Ben,

Thank you for your reply.

I was searching in envato elements (Photos) site refined by “yellow” color.

Thank you.

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