Whatsapp Plus group is now allowing themes to share in the group

Hello Guys, I am wordpress developer and working as freelancers and I am using themeforest themes. I daily send themes to my clients to share them multiple themes. So the one they like they applied that. I usually use Whatsapp for that for communication it was working fine but when I started using Whatsapp plus and FMwhatsapp 2 [link removed by mod - not relevant] it’s now allowing me to share the links where ever I share the link the message can’t send to clients. First I check my internet and though this is due to my data but than I usually realize that Whatsapp plus and FM Whatsapp is not allowing this. Some time it allows the link but mostly the links does not get shared. I don’t why?
Can someone please tell me as it is getting very frustrated that my clients don’t received it and because of it my project get delayed miss communication happen between clients.

Please help.