Is this possible with Wordpress?



I want to make a site like where user can share their Whatsapp and Telegram groups.

User just add groupname, grouplink and tags.

Is this possible with wordpress? If yes what do i need for it?



You don’t need any special theme for it. As far as I see, it works on “sharing links” so you can do it with any theme


Hi, thanks for response.
But what do i need for that? I mean, which settings/plugins… ?


Copy/paste the group link as:


Yes. But I mean, how can I setup website in this way, that user see forms and insert link, description? And it should appear like on

Sorry for my english.


I’m pretty sure that you won’t find a ready-to-use theme for this but with few modifications and set-up, it’s possible
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yes it possible i make this site [link removed] exactly for that subject
i use wordpress theme that called voice for this site i did not have problem whit this site
this site is a bank of group or channel on telegram