where i can get to upload your new themes changing

Your theme (Basel) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. You can see which files are affected from the system status page. If in doubt, check with the author of the theme. what to solve this issue

Hi @kely1,

Welcome to the forums! If your theme works fine, there’s nothing to be worried about. Once theme is updated, the info will be gone :slight_smile:


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Hello @kely1

Welcome to the forums! Have you tried to reach out to Basel theme author for support?


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yes i did try to reach basel theme author
Thanks and Regards


hi, i did ask before that ,there is serious problem in theme in dark mode as in product page in zoom option sharing list shows in white colours which is not seen able i am attaching link pls tell me what to do to solve it and there is also problem in quick view option where sharing of facebook not working pls help to solve it here is link