What's your strategy for driving affiliate traffic?

I’m keen to hear from people who’ve experimented with different approaches driving traffic with affiliate links… What worked, what didn’t?

Unfortunately nothing works well here. From Paid advertising, social networks, to the 100 hours spent building affiliate websites (paid Affiliate scripts from CodeCanyon who are not SEO optimized) nothing is as use to be. Worst thing is if you over saturate content (in my case till yesterday over 30.000 affiliate articles), you will find your website in Google Sandbox. I was spent a years trying to increase affiliate earnings and my portfolio earnings but without any success. Sorry to say but it’s waste of time. Envato need to change affiliate program, as an author if i spend 1 month promoting items and if i drive 10 member (with ref. cut of 5$) isn’t logic that i could be rewarded at last 1 year from their next purchase? I was focusing on affiliate program and as reward i’ve started to lose my position on Top Authors List and i have produce less products than usual. For me Envato Affiliate program does not work.