What's this new thing: "Authorised signatory" on statements?

:arrow_up: Anyone else’s noticed this new thing? What is this? :arrow_up:

in sense?

No, not at all? What is it about? :thinking: :slight_smile:

“Authorized signatory”
This is the one who puts the signature.
In this case, it is probably you.

Hey guys, sorry for the silence. So, I got a statement that contained a signature called “Authorised signatory” from a client, but that was only on that statement. So I wasn’t able to decide what’s this. For sure it’s a signature, but not mine. Also, if it’s the client’s signature, why was it only on that statement? That’s what I don’t understand, but I’m not able to take a screenshot of that statement because I don’t want to violate the client’s personal data.

Just got one of these. Not sure what it is either. Maybe a new non-mandatory step that buyers can take to add an extra layer of info to their details on invoices?

Hi all! Sorry I missed this thread when it was originally posted.

The Authorised Signatory has been added to invoices for customers in India, as there are some additional requirements for those documents.