Buyer inquiry

Hello everyone,
A potential buyer asks me a question and I would like to know what you think about it. I would like to know to what extent I am committed and also the license or appropriate agreement for this case if it is relevant.
The message is as follows:

Hi Jordi,
I would like to buy your fantastic 19519617_music-for-children-cartoons-pack, I’ve to use it in a project of a DVD containg a cartoon. It will be distributed for free in a small school (200 copies), but for the DVD production we need, in according with SIAE (The Italian Society of Authors and Publishers), of a your declaration that you’re not a SIAE member.
For this purpose we need that you fill and sign a module that we’ll send you via email, and a copy of your ID card.
Is this possible for you? In this case we’ll proceed to the purchase. Thanx in advance

Very interesting. If it was me being asked, I’d have no worries confirming via writing not being a member or similiar, but I would not feel comfortable sending a copy of my ID to anyone on the internet.

Actually you would think that only a written confirmation with signature from you would be enough.
Better be careful than sorry.

Interested to see what others of the forum will say to this.

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This because they want to be exempt from mechanical royalties/fees from the PRO in Italy. This is something most countries require when producing a physical copy through a pressing plant. The pressing plant need proof before doing the copies.

Although, it’s the first time I hear about needing an ID. Usually it’s just a form stating that the composer is not part of any PRO organization and you’ve been cleared for production.

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Why not ask them to send you a copy of the form the pressing plant sent them? At least you get to see for yourself what they’re asking for.

Thank you very much for both answers. The person interested just licensed the package in question, I think everything seems to be fine. Thank you again.

Good idea, I’ll do it

Fantastic! Keep us updated should this thing go on :slight_smile: I am sure everyone is interested to learn from your story.


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Hello wreckagemachinery!
The buyer sent me a form and apparently it was enough to complete 4 data.
Many thanks to all for following the thread.
Good sales to all friends

Awesome! :wink: