What's the thing with item description?

I got a third soft reject for item description and i was wondering what’s the thing with that? I have noticed that there are some new requirements for submission and i’ve followed the example of other recently approved items. I added a note of how editable and customizable the item is, included all the used file formats and gave credit to everyone. Also made it clear that the images are used only for demo purpose and not included with the download package. Still got soft reject. What else should i include? I don’t do anything less compared to other approved items.

This is the message i get. Also the template is submitted in the HTML category.

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Make sure your item description includes an accurate description of how editable or customizable your item is. Please list the file formats included. Any elements that appear or are used in the preview but are NOT in the download. Any outside assets, fonts, or resources used. Important: Please click the Save button prior to resubmitting your item. For more information: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/203039204-Tips-for-Excellent-Titles-Descriptions-and-Tags

Hard to say without seeing the preview and the description. Sounds like based on what you see in the preview, and the item itself, it’s not entirely clear from the description what can and can’t be changed.

This is the preview - http://host.symb.website/host/
Here is the description: (click on the image)

I mean it looks ok to me (I can’t see any glaring errors or omissions), but I’m no web-wizard, so there might be something missing that I’m not aware of. Hopefully some tech-savvy young whippersnapper will take a look and point out any errors.

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Thank you for your time anyway. I have submitted the item one day ago for the fourth time and i hope that atleast i will get some direction from the reviewer if rejected.

If it is refused again, try removing the WHMCS banner. You don’t support WHMCS yet and a coming soon poster as the one you placed is baiting customers into the purchase. Your description should accurately describe your item and not what it might include in the future.

It make sense in that way and i might remove it if it’s refused again. As i said i haven’t tried anything that hadn’t been done before. Many authors announce upcoming features such as wordpress, psd versions and etc.

That’s not the reason it is refused. You need to add a detailed text description to your item again. Try adding features, compatibility, uses, etc. Check out popular authors.

Having such a small text description will get you rejected, and will certainly affect your sales.


Actually if you look at some of the best selling items recently in the hosting category, you’ll notice that they don’t have detailed text description. Tbh, some of them are approved for even less description and that doesn’t affect their sales, because their products kinda speaks for themselves.

I’m not sure if i’m getting the trend here just because what works for some does not work for others. Maybe it depends from reviewer to reviewer and has nothing to do with detailed or brief description at all. It could be anything.

Anyway, if it’s refused again i will come up with some new texts. I just didn’t want to include complete nonsense whatsoever just to occupies space.

I made some changes. What do you think?

Looks better! Always think about the description as a very important selling point. Think about going to a shop, most of the times, there are things you don’t even know you need until you read about them, especially in the realm of web development, where there are millions of awesome themes and templates, that lack descriptions.

Not everyone is an expert, and as you said, most items sell themselves, but they sell themselves even better when properly described so even non-experienced buyers can understand their capabilities!

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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I couldn’t have said it better myself. I will apply the changes regardless of the outcome of the latest submission. And i’m actually thinking of adding even more information.

Thank you for your comments.

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It also happened to me. This soft rejection which is a description of the item only and when you change it, it’s hard to reject more than once, and I don’t know what the reason for this rejection is.

It’s look like my item is held for further review which means that is taken out of the queue to be reviewed by another member of staff.

I’m really not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing and how long it will last.

Well, it turned out that my item is hard rejected.

So sorry to hear that mate. Never give up if this is what you want to do. One must fail to succeed :+1:t5: Good luck!

Thanks for your kind words. As a matter of fact, i’m not sure if the fail is from my side rathar than the review team. It’s kinda ironic but it took me less time to build my template than to get it approved on here in Envato. I think it’s been two weeks already since my first submission. Not the most warm welcoming from the staff so far, but you guys are cool.

You’re very welcome! Glad to have helped!

It takes time to get it right when you’re new here, but it’s worth it! :smiley:

I have contacted the support to review the case once again, because something doesn’t seem right here. They were all minor errors at the beginning which i have fixed and then all of a sudden hard reject for item description. That’s just not serious if it doesn’t get approved.

It feels like the submission process is a bit of a relying on luck rather than doing the job and meeting all requirements. In other words you can’t waste authors time and then expect them to comeback with some other work as if nothing had happened.