[Soft Rejection] HTML Template - Your downloadable files cannot be accessed, include all the proper files

I ask for help to understand the motivation of my Soft Rejection [Site Templates / Admin Templates].

1st Soft Rejection:

  1. ITEM TITLE: The title of your item doesn’t match the marketplace requirements, if you need more information about how to write the perfect title please read: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/203039204-Tips-for-Excellent-Titles-Descriptions-and-Tags
  2. ITEM DESCRIPTION: Make sure your item description includes an accurate description of how editable or customizable your item is. Please list the file formats included. Any elements that appear or are used in the preview but are NOT in the download. Any outside assets, fonts, or resources used. Important: Please click the Save button prior to resubmitting your item. For more information: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/203039204-Tips-for-Excellent-Titles-Descriptions-and-Tags
  3. SPACING AND ALIGNMENT: There are spacing and alignment issues in this item. Please make sure that all elements are aligned properly and spacing is consistent from section to section. Here are some articles with more information regarding negative space and proper spacing: http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/articles/using-white-space-or-negative-space-in-your-designs--webdesign-3401, http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/articles/adding-space-to-your-designs--webdesign-14836
  4. RESPONSIVE ISSUES: Your files are either inaccurately represented as responsive or have responsive layout issues. Please take a moment to make sure that your design layout looks correct at different breakpoints and that all text is scaled appropriately for smaller devices.
  5. CODE VALIDATION: Some of your files contain validation errors that will need to be fixed. Please be sure that all files validate before resubmitting. You can validate HTML at http://validator.w3.org
  6. Your downloadable files cannot be accessed, include all the proper files

3rd Soft Rejection:
Downloadable issues persists

I have probably solved 5 problems on 6 but I do not understand the point 6. All the files used by theme are included in the zip file (Main File) that I loaded using the flash plugin of the “Edit” page in the same way I loaded the Thumbnail and the Theme Preview.

Please help me, I am blocked by this problem that I do not understand and therefore I can not solve.

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Please add link demo live thanks.

It’s probably the ZIP file is broken/damaged. Use another ZIP/RAR software

Live Preview: https://pragmatic.ddmweb.it/

I created the zip file and I tested it in different operating systems and it works, the only folder not included in the main file is “node_modules”, but I created 2 docs explaining how to download “node_modules”

Maybe your download location is blocked in some country

I uploaded the main file using the flash plugin of the “edit” page, so the file should be on Envato’s servers

unfortunately I do not know how to contact the reviewer for ask more informations

Contact Envato support

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I think, you use Firefox. Its Flash player broken for one week. So, I use FTP upload option.

Thank you very much, through the Envato support I solved the problem.