What's necessary to meet the qualities required by the codecanyon ?

I made a social networking site and wanted to know if you think it is within the qualities required by the codecanyon.
Link: https://www.twidley.com

The script has some problems that you definitely need to address first. There cannot be any issues with the script.

  • I would start by improving the sign up process. When I got to the avatar step, I couldn’t find the upload button because it’s not positioned properly (Chrome 68) - https://i.bailey.sh/oaEkUcG.png

  • Improper escaping of input on virtually every page, including profile, settings, and search - https://i.bailey.sh/joVePgo.png

  • Clicking “Twid” at the top right is broken on every page other than the home page! :frowning:

  • About / TOS / Privacy pages are not loading.

  • Missing CSRF protection. While I’m not going to test this, from a glance it doesn’t appear that forms (including account deletion) are protected against cross site forgery attacks.

Thank you. I’ll fixed it.
The button “Twid” just work in home page.

I corrected the mistakes, I believe.

Could you check again?

Regarding CSRF, I’m going to create a session verification system, but even then, in the current system there is a back-end data handling even in data via GET and not POST.