Every Time My item Rejected on codecanyon " unfortunately we found it isn't at the quality standar "


I uploaded my script on codecanyon but everytime they reject without giving any specific reason. is there anyone who can tell me reason why they are rejecting?

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Hi H-Code

My insights:

  • This popup is very basic, the block is not aligned vertically… the drop area is very short, you could make it full screen:

  • Remove or “X” or “Close” button, you don’t need both

  • The sign up button in the form is not OK, you could make it the same height of the form fields or even bigger

  • Intending to make your item more complex, instead of a static image in the left, you could create a slideshow with relevant texts for the user, containing a heading icon, title, subtitle, instructions…

  • Yet intending to make your item more complex, you could create an slideshow to the main page too, maybe 3 slides, the first slide being “Upload and share your image”, and a different heading image for every slide.

  • Improve the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, make the structure more complex, work with richer contents, maybe icons, sections of texts, etc.

  • You could append social network icons to the footer.

  • You could improve the logo with a logo symbol on the left of “imgShare”

  • I think you could follow a pattern for all buttons: same height, font size, rounded/squared corners, background, etc. For example: Sign Up button on the top bar could have the same design of Upload button.

Hi @webdesigntrade

I will make these changes and resubmit my script again.

Thanks for reply.