What Zip file Program should I use to upload

Hi there everyone I’m new here and I’m having some problems uploaded my tracks, I’ve worked so hard on over the last few months.
I’m sure my tracks are good enough but I’m getting hard rejections and no feed-back on what I’m doing wrong.
I’m sure my mix’s are ok and all my files are in 16bit and in 320kbps but I am using an evaluation copy of WinRAR to zip up my files and I am wondering if this is the reason my tracks are being hard rejected… Could I be right??

What archive program should I be using to zip up my file’s?
It seems you can’t use, 7zip, lzarc or WinZip

So what dose everyone else on this site use to zip up there files?

It doesn’t matter what you use.

If there’s an issue with the zip file, it will tell you immediately when you submit your file, that there’s an issue.

You won’t get rejected because of the type of program. You’ll get rejected if something is wrong with the music or it isn’t good enough for AudioJungle.

I’ve used the built-in Windows zip functionality, I’ve used 7zip, and I’ve used WinRAR all without issue before.

For Audiojungle i use free program called “Ken Ward’s Zipper”. It is a little bit weird and old, but its free, with no adds and it works. If you decide to use it, i ll post a short “instruction” on how to zip your files using this program without headaches :slight_smile:

I use JZip.

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