Recommended archive program to zip files for AudioJungle to avoid extraction problems

Hi Guys,

Making my first upload to AudioJungle this weekend and saw on the upload page it’s best not to use 7Zip, Winzip or Izarc to avoid extraction problems.

What program do you normally use to zip files for buyers? I have my audio files on a Mac so ideally I’d like to do the archiving on the Mac to avoid having to copy to PC first to zip the files, but can use the PC if necessary. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


I just select the audio files, right click- and compress using the bulit in function on a Mac.

Like Hyperprod said: Right-click, compress, done.

That’s great, thanks!

I use only zip ))))

I always use WinRAR
and when creating the archive select ZIP (instead of RAR).

So it may sound funny but I’m not tricking you this time.
WinRAR can archive as RAR type and also as ZIP type.

So just select .ZIP type and go with ZIP options (best, normal etc)

worked like a charm every time
very stable

now I can go and make a commercial about it

I use ExpessZip by NCH Software. Works great.

Thanks for these helpful responses, everyone!