question about how to generate zip...HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello im new here, and im reading about how to upload music in audiojungle. Here it says that WinZip generates non standard files that this server is often unable to decompress.


  • 7zip
  • lzarc
  • WinZip (Latest version)

I was going to generate my zip files with winzip, because is the only i have.
can anyone tell me what generator should i use to make the zip??? please help me

Hello @CreativeSoundsStudio

Winzip is better then all

Thanks :slight_smile:

Integrated. Right click on file\ send \ compress zip file

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Hello @EvgenM

Thanks :slight_smile:

thank you very much for your response!!!

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thanks a lot!!!


For years I have been using WinRar for all my compressing/uncompressing needs.
I have tried some alternatives, but this one never disappointed me.
I have always been able to open any thing I throw at it.
And it generates perfect zips that seem to be very compatible with anything else.

It is a paying software but there is a trial - which by the way does not really prevent you from using the sofware even after the trial period, if really you can’t afford it.

thanks for your response!! i’ll try it now

The Right Click > Send to Compressed Folder option in Windows has never let me down.

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Thanks a lot for your response!!