What would you do if you wasn't on Audiojungle?

What if everything stops or is not profitable. If you wasn’t actually on any library music websites. What would you do?

I wouldn’t class Audio Jungle as a library music website. Library websites work completely differently as you have a supervisor, you make specific tracks for specific albums and the library get them professionaly mastered for you and sometimes mixed. The licensing is fee is usually in the thousands of dollars per track.

It was always be very profitable, but it’s every more competitive and saturated for composers.

As for alternatives, mixing music, sound design, making virtual instruments, teaching music production, mastering are just a few examples of things you can do to make a good living. They are all somewhat competitive, but if you have the skills and are determined then there’s lots of ways to make a good income. My only advice is be objective about what you strengths and weaknesses are and keep pushing yourself to improve and constantly learn.

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good ooptions! what if you want to just create music and the RF libraries and stock music websites were not profitable? what would you do?

Failing that maybe persue sound design and composing for computergames.

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Well, they actually aren’t very profitable…

Gigging, gigging, and again, gigging! To a musician nothing feels more inspiring. It gives your life a meaning!