What should it be? Standard or extended?


I’m a newbie seeking a kind clarification on which license I should use on a paid online course website.

The courses will be on prerecorded video format along with quizzers where the student is enrolled and continue to learn. There will be both free and paid courses.

I’m thinking of using Masterstudy theme for the purpose and not particularly sure about the correct license.

I’m quite confused with terms such as “end user, item and final product”. Can somebody kindly explain me which license I should use for the said purpose? Standard or extended?

You need extended.

Effectively if you can keep monetising the site eg ongoing subscriptions then you need the extended one.

If it was a one off purchase and more like e-commerce then you could get away with a regular one

Hi, thank you so much! I’ll be selling my own courses without using any items from the theme. Would it still be extended?

If the site is built using the theme as the framework then it’s still applicable regardless of the content that you apply.

Best option is to ask support if in any doubt as they can confirm for sure Envato Market Help and Support

Hi Charlie,

Thanks again!

This is how it would be.

Purpose - selling online course
Course method - pay and learn
Hosting provider - Host—ger
LMS theme - Masterstudy
LMS plugin - Masterstudy

I have absolutely no knowledge of coding and not going to change coding or anything of the theme. Just going to adopt it to my branding. Let’s say “Accountingflea.com” will use Videopress by Jetpack to host videos.

Based on these, Would I still need an extended license?

you can sell products in your site and Regular license will be fine. But if your website has any subscription fee for accessing any part of your website then you have to purchase Extended license.

Do I need a Regular License or an Extended License?

Still you have query best option to contact Envato Customer support.


Then you need to required extended license.