What licence do I buy for a product video trailer?

What licence do I buy for a product video trailer that will running on Facebook, Instagram etc?

Just curious, don’t want to purchase the wrong license type.



Here you will find about Videohive License FAQ

AudioJungle FAQ

Hope helped!

I don’t see an extended license option when I go to purchase this audio. Just options like 1 million plus, etc.

Example of my options are attached. Where do I find extended license?

Yes I saw that wait i’m calling a AJ author who is author come MODS @AurusAudio (Can you give us a reply right here @AurusAudio)
You can check this http://prntscr.com/oj13rw
And https://audiojungle.net/licenses/music?license=music_standard

Hi @MareJohnston,

A standard licence is probably just fine in this instance :wink:




Just to confirm, and be completely transparent, it will work as follows:

  1. We’ll be producing a video trailer with this music. The trailer will be promoting our online program, which is a paid program.

  2. The song won’t be anywhere else, except this trailer.

  3. This trailer will be run across online media including Facebook, Instagram and others, to promote sign ups.

“Standard License” covers this? I would like a definitive answer as to ensure provide proper payment to the artist for its use in this situation. Give me the “Standard License is good to go” please!


Standard License is good to go!