For Youtube/Instagram Trailers/videos


i wanna know what kind of License i have to buy when i use the Trailer files or Sound Effects files ? What do i have to choose when i want to upload it on youtube/facebook or Instagram “Music Standard” or " Music Broadcast ?

Sorry for my Bad english :slight_smile:

Hi @jtdamon1989 - You can purchase the Music Standard license for youtube/facebook or instagram uses as long as the track is used with a single video, project or series. Hope that helps.

All the way to standard license. Hope you get your right track.

Midnight Snap,
may I ask you something. I have purchased the Music Standard license for youtube/FB/Insta uses (jay! on the right track? ;-)) but I dont know what is the right wording for a description box in a, lets say YT- video.
Do I have to put ina link to where I bought the track here?
Thank you so much in advance!

Hi @Bonjoursimonehallo. You’re NOT required to say anything about the music clip or place a link in the description box. However, we authors greatly appreciate when buyers do that. As an example, you could say something like “Music by MidnightSnap is licensed for use through Audio Jungle.” But again, you aren’t required to do so.
Good luck with the project!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: amazing answer. Thank you a lot for having taken the time to answer. Of course I will mention the authors as it seemed to me like a goldmine when I found that specific music.

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