What kind of template can help me building this?

Hi everyone, i’m looking for a template that allows me to build something similar to https://www.icracked.com/
the most important part is this one: https://www.icracked.com/repair3/device, that opens when you click on “repair my device”.

My mission is build a website where:

  1. The user can browse categories (devices like phone, PC, Router, AC),
  2. Choose the right parameters about this category like model, brand and so.
  3. Then tell us the issue of the device
  4. After tell us the issue, we show the price for the service.

Do you guys have any suggestions how can I do this using wordpress? If you doens’t know any template that can do this, can you show me one closer to this objective? So this way maybe I can hire somebody to do the changes needed.

Thank you guys!

Hi ,

I will help you. Please check the personal message