I’m looking for a theme to sell “mobile device repair” services

Hello everyone,
I own an e-commerce of service/products; selling phone repair service and casse/accessories for mobile device
this is my website : fixphone dot fr

and i’m not sure selling services as a simple “product” is the good way to do that… So there is my question

I’m looking for a system of submenu that will bring the client step by step to the reparation he is looking for by selecting his brand > serie > and model of device for example :slight_smile:

selection 1 (the type of mobile device) : smartphone / tablett / laptop
selection 2 (the brand of mobile device) : Apple / Samsung / Sony / etc > we select iPhone
selection 3 (the model of mobile device) : iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S / etc > We select iPhone 4
selection 4 (the list of the different reparation available for the model) : Screen repair / glass repair / battery repair / etc
Step 5 : After selecting his reparation, the client is bring to the product page with details and can order it like a normal product

some example of what i’m looking for (the idea)

http://irepair.gr/en2 : In this one the “diagnostic tool” in the middle of the home page is just amazing; also the submenu bring to the different reparations
ultim-tech dot com / reparation dot html

Btw i only have competences in HTML/CSS
In advance, a big thank you to everyone will help me

Check our portfolio :smiley:
we have a wordpress theme that could help you

Hi, euh… I check your app theme but i don’t see any example of that. Actualy, i don’t get at all how your app works, thanks.

Just because someone is using our theme to build repair phone site http://repar-center.fr/