What is With Windows 7 Updates and Photoshop CS2?

I have w7, on my Laptop, and then got a security update, which messed up the tabs, (they kept reappearing and disappearing).

I removed it, then kept removing it over the next 4 months, til l made the mistake of clicking on the update tab, and then it was permanent, grrrr. :rage:

I then tried System restore, ghosting,and even the registy, but no, it was permanent.

Others have had this happen to them but are at the “can still remove” stage. After trying everything l can think of, l am buying a faster Laptop.

Thankfully Toshiba still make Laptops with w7, as if l get w10 with forced updates, it will be Adobe Suite on day and cripped the next.

Anyone here found a way to fix this? Appreciate some feedback.

And no, l don’t want to waste, almost $300 a year on the cloud version, or $1000 for cs5.


I’m not sure what exactly you’re talking about in the first part :smiley: what tabs? or I’m just stupid haha.
Can’t you buy just faster laptop, get rid of the windows installed if there is one and then install win7?
I made the mistake of updating to win10 since I was so charmed by the look lol, oh how stupid I was. It works great on one of my laptop, but the other is forcing the update and fails to update every damn day. Plus I have to wait for like 15 minutes till he tells me he can’t complete the update.
Some fixes work temporary so I’m stuck :smiley:

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can you please tell me what update you removed. I did a bunch at once and it totally messed up my CS2 also. I too am running W7.

I personally got the new laptop which had w10 on it, and after a lot of hassles got W7Pro put on it, turned all updates off and over a year later, cs2 and the OS is purring.

10 updates from what l hear can be turned off now, and the sooner the better since, the code, (sorry can’t find it) can permanently cripple cs2 for good.