Photoshop Version Poll !!

Hi Dear Admins ,

I was thinking about making a Poll for clients : " Which Photoshop Version They Use ? "

Because there are a lot of differences between Photoshop (CS) and (CC)
especially the latest updates of CC 2020.

Me and my mates of Photoshop Actions Creators , Want to know Which version of Photoshop used by majority of clients.

I hope you can do this survey.
Thank you :slight_smile: :+1:

Personally I always use the most up to date CC version, most of my previous jobs did the same thing for the in office computers.

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Thanks mate for your reply …

Me too using the latest update ,

But , in Photoshop Add-ons Category ( Actions )
We β€œAuthors” have to make more than 1 version for each generation of Photoshop
and that takes more effort and time.

Maybe Envato can make a little field in user profile , instead of Poll/Survey, User can select which version of Photoshop he use , and this option will be public in all profiles.

I think this will help most of authors of GraphicRiver.

Thanks again for you reply and interesting
Wish you all the best.