What is the use of Extended licence for themeforest

I have not yet got any single sale till now, so what is the use of this extended licence? I feel any changes on this is better, I would like to request Envato staff to implement this to get more sales.

Please share your views on this.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that the extended license is for other web developers to use in clients’ websites, which the client can be charged for.

EDIT: Here is the caption below the license: “Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for.”

Yes, I know that, my concern is the clients are not buying the extended licenses, they are buying general license and use it for multiple websites as the extended license is very high, they are not interested to buy it.

How many sales are we getting extended in year? can one share it?

@kayapati Raise your voice here Multiple Domains License - Authors Let's Unite


it’s confusing!

it’s not something the “client” can be charged for. it’s something the “end user” can be charged for.

e.g. My client wants a basic online brochure with some photos and contact details. This is fine under a Regular License. I buy a $60 theme and use it to build a website for my client, I charge my client $1000 for this website.

e.g. My client wants a dating portal where end-users can sign up for $5 and then chat to eachother. The end-user is charged for this product, so I need to buy an Extended License. I buy an Extended License for a dating wordpress theme and I buy an Extended License for a user/payment manager plugin. I charge the client $10,000.

Hope that clears things up a bit :slight_smile:

Also, Extended License is not a “multiple use” license. If I get another client who wants another dating website I would have to buy another Extended License for the theme and plugin I used previously.


Oops! That’ll teach an AJ’er to intervene… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for clarifying things, dtbaker! :slight_smile:

Greetings, I am a web developer and I would like to start using envato as my script’s and theme resources for configuring and setting up websites for my clients.

Can I also give another example so you can clarify the licenses required under those conditions?

Ex: I purchase a theme under a regular licence for a client that wants to build an e-shop. Do I need to buy an extended licence for that? Or am I covered under a regular licence? If I only charge the client for the setup and configuration of the theme and the eshop/woocommerce in general, do I need to get an extended license for that?. In addition any plugins purchased that will give extra functionality to the e-shop need to be purchased under an extended licence? Since the “end user” is charged for purchasing the products and not the “client”.

If I do not resell the plugin or theme to the client and I only charge the customer for the time I need to setup his request/website do I need to buy an extended licence? The extended licence applies only in the case where a client is selling something to his/her customers? no matter what he/she is selling?

In that case what he/she is selling need to be something that directly relates to an item purchased on envato in order for an extended licence to be required? For example if I purchase a theme and I setup a website for a client with that theme and then that client is selling product using woocommerce which is an open source ecommerce platform. Do I need to buy an extended licence?

If ecommerce themes need extended licence so that the client can sell products to their customers, why does it even have a regular licence?

Sorry for the mixed up questions but I really need to get this straight for me to get involved in this.

Thanks in advance.

@lameronios In short, if the purchased theme or plugin is put behind a paywall, i.e. a visitor to the site has to pay to view or interact with those parts, then you need an extended license. For all other uses, the regular license is fine.

eg: you purchased some images from graphic river and then put these behind a paywall and expect visitors to pay to view those images, extended license is required.

eg: you purchased a rich text editor plugin that lets you tweak a webpage. You then put this plugin behind a paywall and expect the visitor to pay in order to create a customizable webpage, you need an extended license.

eg: you purchased one or more themes that the visitor can pick after payment to skin their personal pages on your site, then you need an extended license.

In all cases you are making a profit from the purchased item by directly selling access to view/use the item, then an extended license is required.


Your response is very clear thanks a lot!

I definitely appreciate the breakdown. Things got much clearer.

I was very confused after purchasing some graphics

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I think lots buyers are using regular license for sites that end users are charged for :disappointed_relieved:

If there is a charge to “use” the site eg subscriptions or commission based selling on third party products then it’s extended.

Building ONE site (per license), shop (selling their own products only or others without profiting from it) for a client is a regular license.

Stopping people exploiting multiple sites on one license has been discussed hundreds of times and here are some ways that can help this but nothing legal that will stop it completely unfortunately

There should be one license for the first buyer with the high price and then the product should be removed or there should be an option for authors to sell their item only once at high price.

That would be an entirely different business model which would attract far less buyers and far less authors.

If people want a unique item then they can hire a freelancer to create one via www.studio.envato.com

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There’s nothing stopping you from doing that if you sell products in an ADP category. There’s probably nothing wrong with advertising in your description and preview stuff that you’re only selling one copy as well… and it will be removed from sale once that’s happened, as long as you actually do so. Could be an issue if two are bought when you’re asleep though!

But as a standard procedure for all items… not the best of ideas! Avada would have maybe had one sale at $1K, $10K, $100K… rather than $250K every month for the last five years. Would definitely cut down on support requirements though!

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i am Still confused.

lets say

i have a client and i buy regular license of a theme and do some customization to the theme and delivered it to client with $$$$ what ever price. Do i need extended license for this?

No the regular is fine (one site per license) assuming that other users for example customers of your client, don’t need to pay to access the website that you build.

If you are just buying a theme like a portfolio and editing it for a client then this is fine with a regular license