What is the secret for all these beautiful designs and color combinations?

I am very amazed sometimes on how EVERY theme I see has a great design and choice of colors.

I have been designing sites for three years now, but even my most beautiful theme would not sell for $1 here. Most of my theme look ancient and unprofessional like this The reason being mostly due to bad color/font choices, space irregularities between blocks and sections e.t.c., For example, I don’t know which is yellow, but not too yellow, green but not ugly green. I mean, every theme I see in themeforest has a very sensitive and attractive, sexy design and color combination. Even if the theme has 100 different colors it ends up being pleasant to see.

I don’t want to confuse this with illustrations or things drawn with Photoshop, as that is a talent. I also know most blocks and spaces are handled with css frameworks like bootstrap/foundation.

But, the idea which color is sensitive and goes with which color is just beyond me, and I need help.

You can start off with using popular color palette : http://javierbyte.github.io/cohesive-colors/ , that will give you an idea of some colors that go well together.

Also try the color inspiration section on : http://allthefreestock.com/


constantly looking for inspiration
always attentive to new trends
see winning award sites
browse a while for popular sites here
that can help to train the eye a little, color palletes its a good idea too :smile:

go to http://www.colourlovers.com/

use page ruler extension from chrome store to make your element has gap consistency.