Why didn't you accept me in themeforest?

gallaxy animation on scroll and is portfolio

Is this a PSD design or coded HTML?

Either way, with respect, this is nowhere near the standards for here. Every design basic e.g. typography, alignment, hierarchy, margins, spacing etc. are all wrong

With all due respect, but you need to spend at least few years working on your web design skills before you will be ready to submit something on ThemeForest.


How to fix it and is there an article to explain it
Thank you

thank you

What should I learn

What should I learn?

How do I correct my mistakes

@narsuk with all respect, it’s not possible to give you any kind of tips and hints to improve.
I am not a web designer or graphic designer, I am a musician. But in a view of a possible customer, this work is far away from any expectaitons I would have from a theme.
I’ve seen such a design in the early 2000’s. Have a look on the themes of the experienced designers here and make a comparision to your work. And then think about, if you really expect, that someone wants to buy a design like this.

There’s nothing to add, nothing. Believe him.

thank you

with all due respect
I don’t think there was a design like it in the year 2000 because of the 3D technology there


There is 3d but every single web design rule is broken in your screenshot:

  • Cohesive / consistent / balanced color scheme
  • Consistent typography / visual hierachy
  • Spacing / alignment
  • Design / Aesthetics
  • Creativity

Everything is off. Please go through themeforest homepage and review the latest approved templates. If you can’t see the difference between your work and those, then it means you need to learn more about design or hire qualified designers.


Thank you so much