What is the minimum number of pages for a web template?

What is the minimum numbers of pages that a web template must have to get accepted?

there is no such mandatory requirements about number of pages count. the pages number can be different depends on item category and your item features. main thing you have to represent your item features with commercial values.

Can you give me some examples or just explain something? I am new here, would be great if, I could get to see some examples.

It’s not about quantity - it’s about quality.

An item can’t just be like something that could be downloaded for free elsewhere. By “commerical value” @mgscoder means features, functionality, design and coding quality etc. that are of a uniqueness or quality to make an item worth paying for

It’s impossible to give examples when each item is unique but if for example on your other thread where you got rejected - if you share the demo link then forum users can offer advice related to that design

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I got it! As you said, quality matters. Thanks!