What does a high quality template mean to you?

Hey, I would like to build and sell templates on this platform and I heard it has to be high quality to be accepted. I am looking mainly to build one-page HTML templates with a lot of animations.

To make sure my project will be accepted, can you please specify more what makes an “HTML template” high quality and up to your standards?


Take a look at some recently approved bestsellers to see what level of quality is expected:

Haha great question!

For today’s standards… It means it’s for 4K display, barely works on “normal” machines, and is packed with JS scripts and graphics making it super flashy with effects and animations wherever.

Don’t try to make something simple, useful and extendable, as this market said no to that long time ago. Only flashy things are accepted these days. They’ll just say we already have those “simple things” and point to Avada (ROFL). Hope it helps!

I think you’re right @XforWooCommerce ) but you should look at approved items and there are tons of copies of Avada and bestsellers items)
@afaithraf We are new authors and all we understood is uniqueness, make something that never was on Themeforest, as @XforWooCommerce said make it flashy and unique.

Don’t become preoccupied with the wot g things and disregard the basics -

  • well written and original code
  • premium design quality
  • versatile features
  • quality over quantity when it comes to elements and especially animations

Bear in mind that one pagers are probably the most competitive category on the marketplace and you will need to bring something very impressive and stand out to be successful.

NEVER assume they just because one pagers are smaller and have less to them, that these are any more easy or quick to do… if anything this position increases the pressure and effort required.