What is the exact reason of rejection for "Blossom - Gardening Services HTML Template" which I have submitted on Themeforest??


I have submitted “Blossom - Gardening Services HTML Template” at Themeforest on 14 March 2019 for approval but it got rejected due to lack in quality standard required which we got to know via Email. So please share us the exact reason of getting this template declined so that we can take care of all the constraints before submitting it again for the approval.

Thank You



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Please share demo link so we can see and give some feedback on it.


Please submit demo link so we can give you feedback why they reject.


This is the Demo Link for “Blossom - Gardening Services HTML Template”: https://templateshub.design/preview/html/blossom/


Please share your valuable suggestions on Gardening theme’s rejection at Themeforest.
Demo URL: https://templateshub.design/preview/html/blossom/


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