What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

9 Days for ambient

Fortunately it happens to all of us. :slight_smile: therefore don’t be upset and keep working :wink:

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9,5 Sentimental Cinematic

8.5 Days for Corporate! Thanks

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9 days for Rock track

9.5 days for cinematic action.

9,5 days for corporate.

9.5 days/kit.

11 days for a cinematic pack.

9.5 days for folk,acoustic

11 days for music pack

7 days and finally something approved. :slight_smile:

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11 days (Documentary) and still in queue.

13 days pack

11 days for cinematic - Dramatic, Action, Adventure.

Another Logo/Ident approved 11 days.

At 10 full days in the que for Corporate and waiting. I am betting approval on day 11 tomorrow based on what i see in this thread. :+1:t2:

13 days pack

Only actual number, please not your estimation.

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10,5 days cinematic