What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?



:open_mouth: 12 days for Logo Pack


Exactly 11 days


When it comes to reject they want us to open our minds,our 3rd eye and see the truth…

That we have bad mixing\mastering and uncommercial stock composition\arrangement :slight_smile:


10,2 days for Atmospheres, Soundscapes


10,2 days for Cinematic - Corporate


Haha fair enough :stuck_out_tongue:


10,5 days, Children’s.


Yay! Less than a day left until my next rejection :smiley:

But I won’t stop learning and trying.


Upload limits have been the best thing to happen to AJ in a long time. I suggest spacing out your uploads so it doesn’t seem so long of a review time.


Interesting - why do you think the upload limit is a good thing? Genuinely curious.

Thanks for the tip :+1:


Haha good luck :joy::joy::joy:


The review time used to be 30 days :slight_smile: The limit really helped cut review times.

I also think it encourages authors to put more time into their work. People used to be able to upload a new track every day. Now they have to wait 1-2 days before uploading, so they might as well just put out more quality work.


Oh wow really!?!! I’ve only quite recently joined so wasn’t aware of that.

Yeh fair enough, that makes sense :+1: Thanks for the response.


Hi there - last Summer saw the review queue rise to 31 - 32 days for the review queue. There was a huge influx of new others and the review team were quite simply overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of submissions to review. This review time had a massive impact on all authors and so steps - quite rightly had to be taken to accurately review items for quality purposes. We all get excited to get our latest track online as quickly as possible but we have to all share the same review time window and ensure that Audio Jungle has quality items that is consistent so that this market place develops a fantastic reputation which brings in more buyers.


Btw really nice profile!! Looks so professional :slight_smile:


Great response - thanks very much. Appreciate you sharing your insights!


ps. Wow you have such a vast portfolio!!! Incredible.


thanks! very kind


10,8 for caribbean track. Queue seems pretty stable lately.


11 days for romantic/sentimental category.