What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

One month confirmed. I actually believed them for a moment when they said they would reduce the review queue to 7-10 days by June. How naive…

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30 days “upbeat party dance”, approved :slight_smile:

One month for corporate confirmed :grinning:

Oh my god. I haven’t checked this thread in a while for lack of uploading. Thought it would have come down since the 23 day wait times a few months ago but I guess it just got longer. Geeeeeezzzzz.

At least they put the right number on quality.market.envato.com. Still hoping it became shorter :wink:

Second half of the June, but review queue 3 times longer. Amazing.

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30.5 days. Enjoying this saturday :slight_smile:

30.5 days for ambient track.

30 days. Cinematic category.

29 days for Tech Corporate track and approved:slight_smile:

Month and a day for Corporate and Dance tracks.

31 days, cinematic

More than a month ? It’s getting really bad then.
P.S. istockphoto will separate music section and they will increase split to authors to 35% … just a thought

But they don’t accept new authors recently

ok - I didn’t know that …

Just short of 31 days approval - Children’s

Not sure how much money i spent on libraries, not sure how long i spent on writing and producing music or how many hours is spent on learning things … but i can honestly say than having my new song approved after 30 days on Sunday morning is priceless!! :smiley: CHA! LOL

Yeah, that’s really inspires :smile: :smile:

31 days for Ambient item

32 days corporate track