What is the audio used in this project?

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Audio is “Cinematic Dramatic Inspiring Motivational Corporate Trailer” by Sky-Productions and it is available on AudioJungle only.

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Hey @Sky-Productions your music is being used without being properly credited, which is a breach of Envato’s terms. You should remind @dotmagic of their obligations.

Music used in Elements templates have to be credited! It’s mandatory!

Hi @PurpleFog! We talked bout this before, but most of these tracks are properly credited by video authors. It’s Envato that deliberately deletes by code all links to AJ, even removing the text from the description. The same old gang of (fill in here as u wish) we know we deal with.

Having the music properly credited on VH does not waive the obligation video template authors have to credit the music on Elements.

Of course I know Envato is to blame for this mess. But authors still have to respect the terms. Those terms are pretty clear when it comes to crediting assets used in an item preview:

Having moderators bear the video template authors’ shortcomings is unacceptable. All music authors should demand this unfair and illegal situation be remedied!!

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