What format does one get when buying a song? aif?


What format does one get when buying a song? if? Is what you hear what you get?


Hi @me2billy! When you purchase audio files on AudioJungle, you will get either mp3 and/or wav files. All files will be 44.1 kHz 16-Bit stereo and MP3 files will have a bit rate of 320kbps. To find out what the author provides, look for “Audio files included” on the right-hand side of the item page as shown below.

And yes, whatever you hear in the preview is what you get. The item you purchase will not contain the watermark (which is used to protect the audio so it does not get stolen).

If you go to the AudioJungle home page we offer a Free File of the Week. If you download it you will be able to experience what you get when you purchase an item from AudioJungle. Just a note to say that this week’s Free File on AudioJungle is a Music Kit which is slightly different to normal music items. You can read more about Music Kits here.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: