What equipment do you use?

ótimos equipamentos. sou do Brazil tb. mas moro na Inglaterra. As vendas estão ruins ?

Guitars: Gibson sg standard, Fender strat am.professional, ukulele (made in china),bass fujigen j-standard, strat custom (goldo);
Guitar amp (own DIY): fender deluxe, marshall 18w style, orange tiny terror
audio interface: apollo twin duo, tascam us 16x8;
Acoustic drums: snare Tama S.L.P. classic maple, DIY acryl toms and bass drum, cymbals Meinl byzance, Istanbul
PC: win 10, intel i5 8500, 16 RAM;
DAW: Reaper
Midi keyboard: Evolution found in a landfill, but works fine;
Monitors: Adam t5v
Headphones: Sony MDR-7506
Microphones: AT2020, shure sm57 and Fame

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I’m thinking of upgrading my NI S61 keyboard to an S88 Mk2, but I notice on the website, it says minimum OS requirement is Windows 10. I’m currently on Win7 with no inclination to change. Does anyone currently use the S-series Mk2 on a Windows 7 system? And are there any compatibility issues & work-arounds that I should be aware of?

17.3" Full HD IPS 144 Hz Thin Bezel
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6 GB GDDR6
Intel Core i7-9750H, 6 Cores, 12 Threads
2x 16 GB (32 GB) DDR4-2666 Corsair Vengeance
250 GB M.2 Samsung 860 EVO Windows 10 PRO

SSD (M.2) PCI 3.0
960 EVO NVMe M.2 SSD 1TB

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Wow! I need someone to explain to me how you are creating your music. I mean I obviously see the equipment but I am way off base here and I need help.

I use a MacBook Pro and a notation software program called Sibelius. That’s it. I literally compose the music and Sibelius plays it back to me. Then I turn it in to an MP3 or .WAV.

I don’t know how to play guitar or piano well so I don’t use those to record or compose.

Is anyone else writing music down or is everyone jamming until they come across something good and doing this all by ear? Please, understand I am NOT knocking anyone’s creative process! Just the opposite, I want to know more, to learn, to do better. And if I need to learn how to do this right, then that’s what I want to do🙂 Thanks in advance!

I love a gear thread too!

I have a 2012 Macbook Pro i7 with 16GB of ram hooked up to a UAD Apollo Twin Quad MK2. I am so grateful to this simple combination it gives me so much joy in such a small space.

I use Ableton for everything. Combined with UAD, Fabfilter proq3, Ozone/Neutron, Soundtoys and a few choice Waves plugins I am happy with my DAW setup!

I have a very old Gibson ES125 which I use for all electric guitar styles and also a Mexican custom tele. I have a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and an old Roland Jazz Chorus 77 but I tend to DI the guitar and use plugins for amps when writing then re-amp later. On the acoustic front I have an Alhambra 4P classical, a JWC Selmer Maccaferri eeplica and a Freshman ukulele. I’d like to get a banjo sometime.

I have access to two Audio Technica 4047s, and own a Shure SM7, these two handle pretty much anything I need to record. I also love AT4041s on upright piano.

Keys is a Novation Impulse.

I use Beyerdynamic 990 headphones and a little JBL Flip 3 speaker for reference (as well as the macbook speakers which sound awful!). I also have Adam 7 monitors with a sub and some Yamaha MSP5 monitors but I don’t use them so much because they live in a studio I share and I often work from home on headphones when composing.

VST-wise I absolutely love the Spitfire Audio Labs collection which are all FREE! Amazing stuff you should check out if you haven’t already. I also have some Native Instruments keys and synths (love FM8) and recently got the Arturia Keys V collection which is brilliant.

Nice to see everyone’s setups! Happy writing everyone.

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I find your process fascinating!

I am a keys player and guitarist so my compositions nearly always begin with my playing one of those instruments and recording ideas. Sometimes I play keys and flick through sounds or play with a synth until something sounds good. Once I have something I like I will add all the other instruments by multitracking MIDI in my DAW which is Ableton Live and then put them into a structure, then mix them using other plugins.

I studied music at school and we did some work on Bach chorales where we had to write our own variations on paper based on his rules but I haven’t really used notation formally like that since then except for reading piano sheet music. I find the idea of composing away from an instrument really intriguing.

It’s great that you can play back what you write in Sibelius but I’d worry that the MIDI sound set within Sibelius is not of a high enough quality to use as a finished product (at least it wasn’t when I used it 15 years ago!). Perhaps you could export the MIDI data of your composition from Sibelius into another DAW like Logic or Ableton so that you can use great VST sounds and also get deeper into the mixing and mastering of your finished audio.

That way you don’t have to change the way you compose but you have tonnes more options for how your final product sounds.

good luck on your journey!

Thank you! That put some of the pieces together for me. Can I ask what specifically do you mean by you “add other instruments by multitracking MIDI”?

So, the 1st step is you play something on a real instrument or synth and record it. Then put that recording in Abelton. (I understand what a DAW is🙂)

Then in Abelton is where you add the other instruments by multitracking MIDI? Does this mean in Abelton you have a sound library? Do you create, let’s say the melody, of these other instruments or are they options that come with Abelton and other Plug-ins you have? I mean, for example, in GarageBand it comes with loops, and drums, and such that can be used that I did not personally create.

Sorry for so many questions. Thank you for your reply earlier and if you answer this thanks for your patience😃

Hi no worries happy to help!

I don’t use any pre-made loops except for the occasional shaker or tambourine!

I prefer to play all the parts into the computer with a MIDI keyboard or input the notes into a midi track in Ableton with the mouse. I use the MIDI keyboard or the mouse to input MIDI data into Ableton in a similar way that you use a mouse and computer keyboard to input notes into Sibelius.

The difference for us is in the presentation, Sibelius shows you musical notes you have inputted on a stave whereas Ableton shows me the notes I’ve inputted on a grid with the notes displayed on it.

Essentially we both input our musical information into the two programs and then both Sibelius and Ableton play back what we have written. However in Ableton I am then able to choose sounds from libraries I have purchased and the ones that have come with Ableton itself. I am also able to combine these MIDI recordings (tracks) with recorded audio tracks such as my guitar or voice or acoustic piano/drums etc and then mix it and master it for a polished result.

I think it could be a great experiment for you to export the MIDI data from Sibelius and put that into a DAW like Ableton or Logic. This would allow you to have each of your instruments on it’s own MIDI track, giving you more sonic freedom for the musical recording (wav/mp3) you are making.

I hope that helps!

AMD Ryzen 3900
1 x 1 TB M.2 SSD
2 x 2 TB Samsung SSD
Geforce RTX 2080 8 GB

Keys: Komplete Kontrol S49 MK2
DAW: Cubase Pro 11

Spitfire Albion, Loegria, Iceni
Cinesamples Core Strings, Brass, Winds, Perc
Areia Strings
EastWest Hollywood Choir
Something of Ilyia Efimov Libs
Komplete 10
Some of the Keepforest Libs
Arturia V Collection
Parawave Rapid (Workhorse 1)
Uhe Zebra 2 (Workhorse 2
Uhe Zebra HZ

Blackhole Reverb
The whole stuff from Steinberg and Komplete

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Thank you again! I understood all of that!

Currently, the only DAW I have is GarageBand. Is it safe to assume that is not up to the caliber we need for AudioJungle? I know about Logic and Pro Tools but Abelton is new to me. Out of curiosity, once you get the track in Abelton is there any way to see it in written notation like I am use to working with?

I listened to your portfolio and I really like your “Uplifting Ambient Background”. I don’t play any of my own music. I’m a flutist and that’s only going to get you so far🙃

I really do appreciate your help and time. Thank you so much!

Hey always happy to help thanks for listening to my tracks!

Ableton Live does not have a score editor but I believe Logic Pro X does.

I’ve not used garageband enough to comment there really but I’d highly recommend Ableton or Logic.

There’s also a few midi wind controllers out there you could look at!

Good luck!

Hi again! I have been very busy since we last talked, lots of studying. I think I am about ready to purchase Logic Pro X. I know you use Abelton Live but I assume my question is pretty common among DAWs. As you know I compose in Sibelius. Sibelius will let me export MusicXML, MP3, WAV, and AIFF. I assume I would export the tracks in one of those options (which one would be ideal for this?) and load them in to Logic Pro X.

Now, let’s say I imported a flute track from Sibelius in to Logic Pro X. Once it is in Logic Pro X, can I click on a flute sound from the sound library that comes with Logic Pro X and that would take what I composed in Sibelius (the imported flute track) but now it would sound good because the Sibelius flute track I imported would be playing back in Logic Pro X with the flute sound from Logic Pro X?

Please let me know if I am not understanding something correctly.



I’ve found a forum where they talk about how to do it that’d be worth reading. Exporting Midi: Sibelius 7 to Logic | VI-CONTROL

They talk about exporting from sibelius as a Standard MIDI File.

The formats you mentioned above: the XML one may work, the other three MP3/WAV/AIFF are all audio formats so not suitable as you want to export the MIDI information not a rendered audio version of the Sibelius internal sounds.

Maybe Google “exporting midi files sibelius” and have a look at some videos.

It might be complicated to learn the process but once you know it, it will be the same every time and from what you’ve said I think you understand the idea of it right!

Good luck!

Yea! And that forum made sense to me! Thank you!