What equipment do you use?

ótimos equipamentos. sou do Brazil tb. mas moro na Inglaterra. As vendas estão ruins ?

Guitars: Gibson sg standard, Fender strat am.professional, ukulele (made in china),bass fujigen j-standard, strat custom (goldo);
Guitar amp (own DIY): fender deluxe, marshall 18w style, orange tiny terror
audio interface: apollo twin duo, tascam us 16x8;
Acoustic drums: snare Tama S.L.P. classic maple, DIY acryl toms and bass drum, cymbals Meinl byzance, Istanbul
PC: win 10, intel i5 8500, 16 RAM;
DAW: Reaper
Midi keyboard: Evolution found in a landfill, but works fine;
Monitors: Adam t5v
Headphones: Sony MDR-7506
Microphones: AT2020, shure sm57 and Fame