What equipment do you use?



Hey guys! Join us, let’s chat and share. What equipment do you use?
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Hey guys! Here’s my gear:

A pair of Yamaha HS5 on monitor stands.
Beyerdynamic DT770 (80Ω)


Fender Telecaster 2003 (Mexican)
Danelectro 59’ Reissue
Seagull Acoustic Guitar
Luthier Eduardo Miranda Nylon String Guitar
Westwood Mandolin
Stagg Ukulele
Stagg 6 Strings Banjo

MIDI Controllers:
M-Audio Axiom 61

Intel I7-6700 4 Cores 3.4 GHz with 16gb RAM. OS: Windows 10.
Cabinet: Fractal Design Define R6

Neumann TLM102
Shure SM57
Rode NT1A

Field Recorder:
Zoom H6


Snap! That Neumann is a wonderful mic for the money. A top quality large diaphragm condenser studio mic that’s cheaper than most of my location sound mics! Such a bargain!

I just watched the promotional video for the Audiofuse interface. It looks like a really versatile bit of kit. Do you ever take it out of the studio? I’m going to need to upgrade my computer soon, which sadly also means I’ll probably have to bite the bullet and fork for a new interface too, since my trusty old units are no longer supported by modern operating systems. :frowning:


Ah, I totally adore my TLM102 indeed. I must say, though, that while my original idea was to sell the Rode NT1A once the Neumann arrived, I found out that the latter works best for me in certain situations so I ended up keeping em both.

About the Audiofuse, hands down it’s the best interface I ever had so far. Period. I did take it out of the studio and it works really well, however I had a few minor bugs (a glitch or two in long takes, a few pops) when recording through a phantom powered input, as it’s expressly recommended in the manual to plug it to DC when doing so. And yeah, that sucks. I always prefer to go out with my trusted 4 inputs H6 when recording outdoors.

Taken from the manual:


One last thing: it heats LIKE HELL!!! Happens to everybody and they say it’s absolutely normal. Apparently it’s just the cooling method of the unit so… All of that said, I had it for three months and I’m loving it big time.

Hope it helps! Cheers!


Macbook 2017
15’’, 16 gb ram, core i7

Fender Modern Player Tele Plus MN CH

Focusrite 8i6,
Midi Keyboard M-audio 88e,
Headphones Sennheiser hd 280



Old Mac Pro Intel Core i5 16GB RAM

Cubase 7

Ipad 2 with Osculator to switch inputs, outputs and macros in Cubase

Steinberg CMC-Ch


RME Fireface UC


Yamaha MSP5 Studio

Tannoy Reveal 802


Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro

Mic Preamp:

SSL Alpha Channel


Vintage Neumann KM84

Rode NT 2

Gutar record setup:

Fender Bassman (an old amphead 50W)

Engl 530 preamp

SPL Reducer (it’s an attenuator for Bassman, my speaker simulator hasn’t it)

Torpedo C.A.B.


PRS Custom (I don’t know what model exactly)

Mexican Fender Stratocaster Deluxe

Acoustic steel guitar Yamaha LL 16

Acoustic classic nylon guitar Yamaha CG 122 MS

Acoustic gypsy guitar Aria MM-10

5-string banjo Caraya

Ukulele Enya

Bass guitar:

Japanese Fender Precision (Again I don’t know about model exactly)

MIDI keyboard:

M-Audio Keystation 61es


You can never have enough microphones! They’re like guitars. One is never really a replacement for another.

Thanks for the info. I’ll consider the Audiofuse when I go for the upgrade.



MacBook Pro 13" 2010



Audient iD14


JBL LSR305 previously old Bose speakers


Chinese Headphones previously Sennheiser HD25 (They were repaired a thousand times)


Rode NT1-A, Chinese Ribbon mic (I love it for acoustic guitars), Shure SM57 (I do not usually use it)

Electric guitar record setup:

Virtual Amps: S-GEAR (principally), BIAS Amp, Guitar Rig

Guitars, Bass and Others:

Yamaha Pacifica 904 (with Lindy Fralin pickups)
Harley Benton TE-90QM Trans Red
Peerles Jazz City
Lakewood J-32 (Acoustic Guitar)
Alhambra 5P (Classical Guitar)

Suzuki Bass (Jazz Bass model)
Old Hofner Bass

Lanikai and Mahilele Soprano Ukulele

MIDI Keyboard:

Novation ReMote 61 SL MkII
Korg nanoKEY 2 White


Studio One


Cubase 9

  • UA-610

  • Lavry converters

  • Toft ATB

  • Revox 2-track

  • Telefunken V72 pre-amp

  • Vintage Design Neve 1073 pre-amp

​- Pealman TM1 (u78) mic

  • BX44 (big ribbon mic)

  • R84 (ribbon mic)

  • Hammond C3 / b3 (new!)

  • Fender Telecaster 1968

  • Steinbach standup piano

  • Wurlitzer

  • Clavinet d6

  • Vox Super Continental organ

  • 60s Pearl drum kit

  • 70s Ludwig drum kit

  • Violin

  • Banjo

  • Uke

  • Mandolin

  • Roland jx8p

  • GBS spring

  • Chandler Germanium EQ

  • Chandler Germanium Compressor

  • Warm Audio Limiter wa76

  • Congas