What's your recording setup?

Interested to know what everyone’s recording setup? What gear/mics/DAWs are you using? Do you record live instruments much or just use software instruments?

I am just starting out so my setup is VERY modest but would be great to hear how other folks are making their music!

My setup is very humble. RME babyface interface, Beyerdynamic dt 770 headphones, Mexican Fender strat, Epiphone aj 220 acoustic guitar. Studio one DAW. Due to some reasons I cannot use monitors in apartment but planing to use monitors soon. I like to blend vst guitars with real guitar, especialy acoustic guitar

Hi Paul, you can find some answers in this thread:

Personally, my setup has changed a bit since then. I upgraded my 10yr old pc back in March.
Now, it’s a Ryzen 5 3600 with 32GB RAM, which was a really great investment for me as it changed my entire workflow. I upgraded to Windows 10, which is kind of ‘meh’, but I guess it was a necessity since W7 was on its last legs.
I also upgraded to Cubase 10.5 Artist, which is really nice compared with 7, which I had back then.