What does "popular" mean?

After reading the recent Most Popular Audio Items on Elements 2022 | Author Hub I’m a bit confused by what this information really means. Looking at the most popular music item named in that newsletter (congratulations to that author, btw, in succesfully providing content that subscribers want), I went to the Elements website and opened the music tab, with the default “sort by popular” filter on, expecting to see the track that was named as the being the most popular, at the top of the list, but instead, I see the same barely changing list of tracks, and the so called popular track nowhere in sight, even when clicking through the first 5 or 6 pages of results (I stopped after that).

Adding “corporate” to the search field automatically changes the search filter from “sort by popular” to “sort by relevant” (why does it do that? what does “relevant” mean? who decides what is relevant, and how does it differ from “popular”?!?), and then the track shows around No.10 in the results.

Change the filter back to “sort by popular” again, with “corporate” in the search field, and the track in question disappears from the search results again (*I checked the first five pages of results only).

Putting the track’s specific title into search makes it appear at position 2, when searched under “popular”.

Ok…Ok…reading the text in the newsletter more closely , I realised that the article says that the track was the most popular items “published in 2022”.

I don’t even know what point I’m trying to make anymore haha :slight_smile: , but I suppose what I’m saying is why does the site not show what is currently popular, rather than pushing the same tracks based on all-time downloads? What does “relevant” mean as a search option, and who decides what is relevant? What is the purpose of the newsletter showing one audio track as being the most popular, yet it’s very difficult to verify its popularity with the search engine? (It would be much more interesting and useful to see the top 20 tracks of the year. Why not show that? Is it because they will have almost identical titles?)

That aside, it was interesting to see that “corporate harmonics” style of music is still the most popular and sought after here, even if the default audio page and search results don’t seem to reflect that. We all know what we have to do now folks!

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It’s the same for videos, and it’s always been like that, since 2018.
There’s nothing popular in the popular list, it must be based on algorithm or something like that, but there’s no way that it’s a genuine list.
4 years ago i got lucky enough to have a few items listed as popular, then they disappeared from the list overnight and went back to the void.

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This is page number 2 “popular” when it comes to Premiere Pro templates. Is it just me or is something wrong here? It’s been like this for months…


I don’t know about the other sections, but the graphics list is the same for years

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Seems like it’s never going to be possible to be on that list then, so who is that serving?!?

Unfortunately, lately the reviews have gotten weird and most of my templates get rejected, even though I try to do what’s “trendy” at the moment.

Unfortunately, I don’t understand why templates are rejected? Why am I seeing the message “After reviewing this item we’ve decided that it is not the right fit for Envato Elements and will not be published.” The same template was validated in GraphicRiver but not in Elements. Why?

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