What difference between Popular and Revelant

I am confused can anybody explain the difference between the popular and relevant categories on elements.?


The beauty of language - always going to cause debates LOL.
In my world “popular” would mean that either an item has been downloaded often, or many users have then discussed the item concerned, so making it a popular category.

“Relevant” should mean that you searched for a specific type of script or theme, and using the words you input, your search returned items similar to your search criteria.

Equally, similar to, or relevant to your question, you can use Thesaurus to see what relevant might mean :wink:

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Ah now that makes sense .Thanking you.

I think that what Simon is asking, is not the meaning of the words, but what does the category “Relevant” mean in Elements search. There are thousands of relevant results, what is it that makes those same files that are usually at the top of results, more “relevant” than others?

I think popular item is = that downloaded more in past
relevant item is = More like trend or what so ever