What are we doing wrong? Please critique our squeeze page.


I could really use your input on a squeeze page that we put together for a free Working Solo Toolkit designed to help entrereneurs and freelancers get things done (and to build our email list).

We put this together using lead pages and thought that we were onto something, but we’re finding that not many people are signing up.

The page itself can be found here:


We are generating traffic by running a Facebook ad targeting some different groups that we think would be interested in tools for working solo, as well as our content and mission in general. So far we’ve been targeting groups that have expressed an interest is certain areas like working parents, freelances, small business owners, etc.

I’m not sure where the hole in the funnel is, whether it’s who we’re targeting, the ad or the squeeze page.

Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

(Also attached a screenshot of the ad that would be good to share with these queries if possible)


Unless I am missing some previous information that your main target audience already has, or that you have already provided; I simply don´t understand what your toolkit does, or why I would want it.
Somewhere buried down the page there is a vague description of what I - as a client - will get out of getting this toolkit.
To me, it´s not clear enough why I should get it - EXACTLY what it can do for ME.
IMHO you need to have a more QVC / Home Shopping Network approach to this, meaning are much clearer focus on the NEED that you MEET, or the PROBLEM that you SOLVE.
“Has this ever happened to you? That pesky bucket full of water keeps dripping when you´re mopping the floor? ARGH! With the patented new Bucket-Drop-Stop that´s OVER!”

Ridiculous example, I know - but I hope you get the idea.
Plus: Your layout and design looks really boring and generic. How about some more colors or interesting/off-beat images to help draw attention?
My two cents, hope it can be of help :slight_smile:


Thank you for your critique! The real life examples is definitely a great idea that we hadn’t yet considered. Thanks again!