What are the best Future Bass tracks on AudioJungle?

This (relatively) new sound has been storming the eardrums of the world recently. Yet, while “the frontpage of the internet” may think it has it defined, the definition of Future Bass seems like a moving target.

Here’s our article explaining what Future Bass is, why it’s such a fresh sound, and 20 stock Future Bass tracks you should know about.

We also asked our community to suggest the best Future Bass tracks on AudioJungle below. Check out what they said!


Hi!My name is Alexi Action and this is my track Beautiful Life – Lifestyle, modern Future bass, hip hop track. Perfect for advertising, radio, TV, video blogs.Easy to use, easy to cut.Cheap price!

Future Bass track – modern commercial style. Perfect for Extreme video, TV, Radio

My Favorite other authors works:

  1. great mood, modern sound and high quality of production!
  1. Inspiring, motivation high quality, high energy track! in my opinion perfect for sport video and extreme!

3)original stylish arrangement and high quality production!
in my opinion well suited for dynamic video projects

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The atmosphere of the track is inspiring and encouraging. Warm future bass chords sound cool with these soft percussion elements and orchestra.



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Haha, guys, didn’t anybody read the first post? You need to include five song in your post and can only include two of your own songs.


Hello! Here are my 2 tunes:

by GhostBox
Energetic pop future bass track, with catchy and dynamic sound-designed chords, melody and vocal chops. Perfect for commercial or fashion projects, party aftermovie, showreels, advertising, presentation and another video projects

by GhostBox
Energetic pop future bass track, with catchy chords and melody. Perfect for commercial or fashion projects, party aftermovie, showreels, advertising, presentation and another video projects.

also You can check another my future bass tunes, just click on collection in description

Another 3 works:

by cinematic_alex
Inspirational trendy uplifting future bass track for your commercial projects!
Good for summer aftermovies, festivals, slideshows, sport videos.

By Sonar_Audio
Modern future bass track with powerful synth, drums, and Trip-Hop elements. Perfectly for advertisement, presentation, YouTube content, media, TV, slideshows and for any kind of timelapse

By Cosmonkey
New modern style in music “Future Bass”, it`s perfect for lifestyle, GoPro video, sport, action, travel and video about nature.


Hi! This my choice


Hello! I like future bass as a genre. It such a cool combination of chillness and dance-able rhythm which works great for visuals. Here are my list!

“In Future Bass Kit” by me

Arp synth and shimmer piano sounds in the beginnings grab attention and enhance the visuals even if it’s time lapse or hipster footage. And then build up increase energy which leads to drop where you can bounce and move your head. This is works great with parallax effects and fast transition between video footage. Travel lifestyle video looks way cooler with this type of tracks. In this kind of video you need to change takes really quickly, show more than ever, with this kind of track you can achieve it (in the drop of the track) while intro and bridge parts gives you time to show landscapes and sunsets with this pads and glory arpeggio synth.

“Summer Future Bass Kit” by @Micrah

I see how many people would use it in promo videos for their sport activities. Incredible energy drum beat and subtle nice vocal chops. I like the arrangement and synth timbre, it’s not too bright and not too dull.

Then next one is “Future Bass Kit” by @ArtIss

This pluck synth immediately creates right amount energy for extreme video. Even time lapse video would looks cool with this track. Vocal chops are simple and catchy. One cool thing is you can choose what you need vocal chops as lead sound or trumpet synth. Options is the key for customer, right?

“Future Bass Light Kit” by @MedleyFlunky

You can choose do you need vocal sample or not. Clean punchy beat. Modern synth sound. Everything sound awesome! Drum fills are cool, this little element can enhance your visuals.

“Future Bass Beat Kit” by me

Simple vocal line and lots of shimmer synth pads create warm mood while drop creates intense energy momentum. Contrast works in media so good, it immoderately grab attention. This bass synth is fat. You can hear it even on laptop.


Aw man, I actually planed on uploading one that I am working on currently in the coming days. Probably won’t make it in time including the review-queue : /

Good luck everyone though!

Hi! Thank you for such a great opportunity! Here is my tracklist:

Great chill future bass track with lovely vocal chop melody.

Massive new style future bass/hybrid trap track. With melodical vocal chop leads, catchy chords and dirty heavy bass.

By another author and sounds like a pure future bass tune. Clean, quality and melodical.

And here are two tracks by me:

This one got dramatical intro with electro style synths and pure fire drop.

Modern future bass track with Mashmello influence. Vocal chop style.

Good luck to each and every!

My 5 list:

  1. Forgive my immodesty, but first track is my future bass with chopped pitched up female voice. It’s a little funny and amusing music. By the way this track used by Envato in Photo Animator Contest.

  2. Second track is “Future Bass” by @MultiMusic I like the atmosphere and the pitched voice here. Good music to think about something)

  3. Next one is track by @AudioCopper. I like the minimalism of this track. Very soft beat and pretty melody with chopped female vocal.

  4. The 4th is Future Bass Beat by @JohnRosso. Summer positive melody! And a little funny)))

  5. And the last 5th track is my inspiring melody. It’s not standart future bass, because heroic and motivational mood makes here a mixture of epic and electronic music. But hope it sounds good for people who like fat future bass synth and punchy snare.

“Future Hip Hop” from KickTracks

“Future Beauty” from soundEGO

“Emotional Future Bass” from nikitsan

“Soft Future Bass” from A_A_T

Hello Dom and the greatest community! Here is my debut post, and I’m so excited because actualy im in love with Future Bass music!
And here is my list:

Blowned away with this two Future Bass items by AudioCopper. Great inspiring mood of his amazing vocal chops. And also super straight drum and percussion part with laconic synth chords. Clean and powerfull, i love it!

Also i really like this stylish and clean track by DLP_MUSIC. It’s downtempo style has catchy fashion flow and i find it awesome!

And also i’d like to note this track by MultiMusic. Relaxing music with deep and light sounds. Love the way how author interprited the Future Bass to some dreamy and wavy mood!

And one more it’s mine one. I wanted to made it pretty simple. Minimalize sounds to more air between them. That way i experimented how to made tracks more suitable to different videos.

Thank you and good luck to all!

Hi guys,
This is my 5 favorite of future bass.

1. The Future Bass by OddVision

Good combination of chopped voice sample and cinematic atmosphere.
Even after impressive chord synth has come, it can keep this air.

2. Future Bass Memory by AtagoSounds

This is my own track. I like the strings coming from the latter half.

3. That Future Bass by TheQLon

Even strong synth stab is still very comfortable to hear.
The snare has variation and many information.

4. Dubstep by BeatroofStudio

Many sounds going on but still keeping order not making chaotic.
Especially I like the thick pad.

5. Stay Pop by AtagoSounds

Also my track. It might be bit far from FutureBass, but I like the short chord changing on hook.

All tracks except my items are also included my blog postMay 2017 My Favorite 11 Tracks in AudioJungle

Have a nice day.

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Hello! Future bass is one of my most favorite electronic music genre, and here is 5 tracks that i love!

My recent track “Future Bass”. I enjoyed making this track and its one of my favorite tracks made by myself now

My bestseller “Summer Future Bass”. This is uplifting summer future bass music featuring atmospheric piano, pads, arp, deep bass, masive synths, vocal samples and powerful drums.

“Future Bass” by Artiss. Nice vocal melody and atmosphere, love this track!

“Future Bass” by butterflystudio. Great quality and atmosphere, nice dubstep basses, good track!

“Inspiration Future Bass” by rangesound. Atmospheric and melodic track, i think will be great for various video projects!

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For me Future Bass is fresh rapidly developing music style with post dubstep influence, trap drums (often) and classic EDM structure.

My tracks:

  • Future Bass was one of first trendy future bass tunes with energetic inspiring mood.
    This track has usable structure for different videos: uplifting intro with melodic voice chops, arpeggios and pitched rise fx, atmospheric break down with simple piano keys and 2 original powerful drop parts with wide modulated super saw synth and heavy drums.

  • This Future Bass - another one is future bass song. Pay your attention to a catchy drop with lfo synth, original melodic lead instrument, various percussion and Foley sounds. Nice modern music for energetic and inspirational media projects.

My favorite’s future bass tracks of others authors:

  • Summer Future Bass by @Micrah is a classical future bass song with the sound typical for this genre. I like wide super saw synth and cool saturated mix.

  • Future Trap by @TheStockBoy is an interesting future bass track with cool swing hi hats groove, slow Rhodes piano and punchy edm trap drums. Bright original music for background or listening.

  1. This is Future Bass by @TheQLon is non typical for this genre rhythmic structure, but I am really into it. I like this song groove, like catchy and original voice chops, and brass stabs. This track has a big potential.

Modern future bass track catchy powerful drop sounds. Great pluck and leads, atmospheric pads, punchy drums, and supersaw leads.

Hi there! Future Bass? Cool, I adore this style! Here are a couple of my tracks:

Here are a few tracks, which I really like:

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Hi! This my choice

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Hello guys! =)
Here is my selection:

  1. Future Bass by @StudioKolomna https://audiojungle.net/item/future-bass/19310636
    Modern and glossy sound pulsating synths, pumped dubstep drums and beautiful melodic lead. Also chopping vocals and wobble bass. All that suitable for a fashion show, a futuristic movie, advertisement, presentation, review, stylish slideshow, TV and radio production, a report from the parties.

  2. That Future Bass by @TheQLon https://audiojungle.net/item/that-future-bass/19737237
    An original sounding wobble bass and synthesizers. Perfectly suitable for any stylish projects such as TV Show, Advertising, Promotion, Video Game, Timelapse, Presentation, Extreme And Sport Videos, Background Music, Teaser, Slow Motion Video, Fashion Show, Vlog, etc.

  3. The Future Bass by @OddVision https://audiojungle.net/item/the-future-bass/19730497
    Awesome vocal chops and synth sounds. Elegant and luxury sound. Perfectly fits for any other stylish projects.

  4. In Future Bass by @OddVision https://audiojungle.net/item/future-bass/19189071
    Bright and fresh future bass with dubstep elements. Perfectly fits for advertisement, presentation, YouTube content, media, TV, slideshows or any other stylish projects.

  5. This Future Bass by @ArtIss https://audiojungle.net/item/future-bass-uplift/19659644
    Perfect chopped vocals and bright synths. Overall this track create joyful mood and positive emotions. After all this track was professionally made and polished to a glossy and smooth sound.