Music similar to "Closer" and "Something Just Like This" by The Chainsmokers

Hello all. :slight_smile: I was trying to see what music was available on AudioJungle that’s similar to The Chainsmokers style. In particular, tracks like “Closer” and “Something Just Like This”.

I found the following by @speenbeatz and @LongXmusic but wondered if there are any more out there that you can find or have even created/sell on AJ yourself?


probably a little more upbeat than those particular tracks but try…

Thank you :smiley:


have a listen to these tracks:

Your tracks is nice @FlexLoop

My nomination!

Hi, it’s SpeenBeatz, I’ve changed my username on AJ, thank you for checking me out. Actually I have one more future bass in my catalogue which is this hope you like it!

Hi! How about this track


This is my nominations :wink:

Here I go! :slight_smile: