What About The New Wordpress - Calypso Project ?

Yesterday Wordpress launched the new Calypso project, basically it’s a new Wordpress based on Node.js instead of Php. Since all the code in php can’t run on the node environment (i’m referring to plugins and themes) this opens a dramatic (and truly interesting) scenario.

What you think about it ?

Update: it seems that calypso is just an interface to manage Wordpress websites.

Yes, you are right. :slight_smile:

Themeforest should be renamed to doomforest :smiley: if that would happen!

Rather WordPress should be renamed to DoomPress

WordPress wouldn’t exist without all those plugins and themes, there’s no option they would switch to Node.js suddenly

It’s next generation of the WP. Medium is taking advantage now and wordpress.com should decide to move forward for blogging world.

Suddenly this story reminds me of an old friend action script, flash. Then all the world turn back to css, jquery and javascript solutions :smiley: These days its all about how to accomplish something big even from the phone. There is a chance that envato sites might bring some drastic changes how envato community deals with their clients and provide something near to wix which would offer envato goods oncloud, so we’d never had to deal with purchase code verification and a lot of rubbish tasks. They could even test-drive a theme on the go and see if it fits their needs!