We're removing Envato Credits from Market


I read that Envato have around 2 million customers overall, correct me if I´m wrong. Lets assume 1% of these have used Credits, that equals 20 000 customers. Lets assume Credits use is as high as 5%, that equals 100 000 customers. Maybe the percent is higher, I don´t know. Whatever the overall percent is, I think we have to acknowledge that there is a huge number of customers affected in this change.

I´m pretty sure (after reading customer feedback here) that there are very clear reasons for why a lot of customers have chosen to use Credits. Some have reported that they have their boss in charge of filling up the credit account and multiple freelancers are connected using one account. So that means getting an exact number for how many customers that are impacted is quite hard.

There are already 154 users in this thread, I don´t know how many are customers versus authors, my impression is that customers are starting to dominate this thread lately. The minority are ironically becoming the majority here. Credit customers here are 100% negative to this change. So the question really is, how much more market research do you need dear Envato?

We all make mistakes, but eventually it´s all about how you deal with your mistakes and move forward that counts the most. We are many authors who sympathise with the customers and we thank you all for raising your voices.


What is this bad idea ?? Give me my envato credits ! if not…


Envato, I hope you reconsider this decision and / or find reasonable replacement for credit system.


That should read: Envato had around 2 million customers. They seem to be scaring some of them away! But in all seriousness Envato do not have 2 million active customers.

I want to know of the regular repeat customers, what percentage used credits, I imagine it is alot higher than the percentages being banded around.


This really is a step backwards. The system was a great model, this is disappointing.


Yeap. That’s correct. Envato had 2 Million members… in October - November 2012… Now, last time the stats were visible in the middle/end of 2017 there were over 9 Million ( that’s NINE ) … so, based on the fact that there are 66.000 authors, that means there are over 8.5 MILLION buyers. Just to get facts straight! :slight_smile:


I would suggest revisiting your Envato-Author communications strategy. Over the last few years I’ve noticed a pattern:

  • Envato decides to make a big change effective in the very near future
  • Envato makes a forum post describing the change
  • Authors freak out because they were blindsighted by the change and have little time to adapt or adjust
  • Envato makes a followup forum response noting how ‘maybe we could have communicated better’ or ‘we didn’t expect for this to cause so much debate’


The Envato/Customer communications strategy is also in need of dire attention. From what we’ve gathered from customers on this thread as well as Envato’s silence on this issue, it appears that Credits customers have still not been officially notified of this change by email.


Would be really interesting to know how many of those are active, because 8.5M “non author” members does not equate to 8.5M buyers! :smiley: To get facts straight we would need info that only Envato’s team possesses.


It actually does, the non-author / non-buyer margin is insignificant, less than half a million in my opinion. In any case, just wanted to get the numbers right! :stuck_out_tongue:


We were talking about the active ones (that we think that what’s goofydadog point was referring to)

Yes, non author/non buyer members might be really low, but in this scenario about people using credits and buyer’s raising their voices, the important thing is the amount of active buyers, like the ones that posted in this topic that buy hundreds of $ in items, not members who maybe bought something 5 years ago and never came back. That’s a pretty big margin :wink: In the end, those buyers (active ones) are the ones that, according to what all of them posted here, are leaving the marketplace…


Very bad idea.

I’ve been a customer on Video Hive and Audio Jungle for 4 years and the credits system worked perfectly. Now I have to repeatedly log in to Paypal to purchase items each time I need one (waste of time) and on top of that I’m being charged a handling fee (waste of money).

What’s most annoying is that you provide no explanation of why this change was made and what the benefits are. Very disrespectful for your customers and creators.

EDIT: I’ve never posted here before, but this change is so bad that I had to

EDIT: Patreon recently tried to make a change like this which would’ve ended up hurting people pledging small amounts - eg $1/month. It almost caused a mass exodus from the platform - which was only averted because Patreon listened to its community and rolled back the changes. Envato would do well to take heed of this. Don’t forget that you are only successful because your community.


I do not know if any security measures can be avoided or so because there are so many companies using this method of payment.


This wouldn’t be nearly as bad a decision if all the current content was available via the subscription model, but sadly this is not the case. Our corporate video production team gets 80% of our stock needs from Envato, but this decision will greatly affect our workflow and we will be forced to look elsewhere for stock and templates.

There are plenty of other services out there, so switching wont be as difficult as handling this extra processing and purchasing needed with Envato now.


I am upset with the furtive money charge that will now take place but honestly I am more upset in the step-back in convenience. It was great being able to add money and not have to spend those few minutes extra to continue with a payment method. As a video editor, time is precious. We learn keyboard shortcuts and various techniques to ensure our time is used proactively.
I am not one to leave my credit card data saved because of online security issues. Having to enter my card number each time will either cause too much time to be lost or just become a “strenuous” activity that will halt my use of Audiojungle.
I have been very satisfied up until this point but will definitely be looking elsewhere for other Royalty Free options.
If anyone is reading this that has found alternative options, please PM me. I really need to find a platform that uses a credit system and that saves me time.


This is the truth. It is a major step in the wrong direction and a complete lack of respect for the very people that drive their profits.


If you come up with anything, let me and all your fellow creatives know. Once they see a large drop, then maybe they will rectify their decision. If not, I feel bad for all of the Authors out there. They create such great work and will probably see major sale drops.


Well, do what you need to do, but please check this place again somewhere in the future. Many authors (me included) depends on it (in parts or in whole) to help pay the bills… I’m shocked at these new Envato decisions. We are many authors in disagreement with the removal of the credit system. I hope the company will read all the meaningful customers messages and find a better solution at some point.

Ps: Thank you for the time you took to voice your opinion and also for your good words towards authors.


Reading this thread makes me worried and a bit sad… perhaps Envato should really look once more into this, as i don’t understand why they are doing this, and why they are seemingly not so worried about costumers leaving and authors complaining.


As mentioned @KingDog and myself numerous times in the past, we’re looking for your feedback, no matter how harsh or strong it may be, but please keep it civilized and on topic. Your thoughts and your experience on the matter is valuable feedback, as it betters Envato and helps with managing this situation for future analysis, but please keep this thread on topic, polite and to the point.

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