We're removing Envato Credits from Market


@jamesgiroux Both of these authors sell sound effects. If you change the system to work for sound effects a lot of the work is done I think. However removing transaction fees for small cost items only, you introduce the risk of authors price dumping to avoid transaction fees. So I think we can all agree that we simply just need at least 1 transaction fee free option for the markets.

Currently Elements is the only transaction fee free option for customers, and I think it would be helpful if you answer us why this differs James. For the record I do not believe you are trying to steal customers from your own market, that would simply be to stupid. There are enough customers to grab in the rest of the world. But for me it´s quite peculiar that Elements has no transaction fee. I understand that Elements is constructed around simplicity, including payment. So maybe you can draw some inspiration from your own model regarding straight forward shopping experience.

At this point I´m having faith that the lack of replies (and lack of informing customers) could be because you want to give us a better solution in your next reply. Thanks in advance for dealing with all of this, which must be quite stressful for you as well.


This really is a mistake. As an avid customer for over 10 years I have always used the credits. The credits work best for me as it allows me to make purchases when needed. It was simple for my accounting. I do not buy bulk items all at once, again most of my purchases happen throughout the month. I may not know what elements I need and projects always come up with little to no warning. This is very disappointing, guys.

Could you maybe consider a business class account in a subscription base like Adobe? I know there are plenty of business customers who’s buying habits would be similar to my own.

One off purchases with surcharges will make me reconsider or even delay the purchase. This I think would affect author’s and make the quality and availability on Envato go down.

We all will move passed this, however this makes me start to consider alternative outlets for my creative elements.

Bad move Envato…



Agree with everything you just wrote. Also been a loyal customer for many years as well, and likely spent well over $10,000 CDN on everythig from WP plug-ins to audio to AE templates. Every single one of my hundreds of purchases I’ve used with credits I bought. I almost always reloaded $200 USD and then would use it until I ran out. The $2 [$2.40 CDN] fee I will now be charged with every single purchase amounts to about an 8% increase across the board. It would be really nice if Envato would explain their rationale for making this change. And not the smoke they’re blowing up our butts when they say that almost all transactions were purchased individually vs with our Envato credits.

And am I right in thinking that I won’t be able to apply any future sales revenue from our 2 stock footage clips to purchases? If so, that seems like a VERY shady change. But I may be wrong about that. I hope I am.


You can still use your author earnings to make purchases;


With Collector Level 6 and 7 years of membership, I don’t agree with your decision. For each purchase I need to pay a fee? That’s not fair Envato! Please change it.


No. You simply add all selected items to cart :slight_smile: do not buy using BUY NOW. Buy using CART


We’re removing Envato from our market choices. :wink:


Thousands of dollars spent here by this small time filmmaker. $2 per transaction ain’t gonna cut it for me. I’ll most likely be shopping elsewhere from now on and that’s a damn shame.


This move is so tonedeaf. I’ve been using Envato for over 6 years, spent thousands of dollars here and every single purchase I’ve made has been through credits. Why? Because I don’t want to pay a $2 “processing fee” each time. I buy stuff as I need them, not in bulk.

I was about to purchase a track, but I know I might be buying more stuff soon, so I’m going to wait until I find everything I want which will be in a few weeks. I’ve always used envato for it’s convenience and selection, but now I’m going to be looking at other options for the first time. The worst part of that is I like supporting some of the awesome creators on envato who make very high quality content.


Your competitors don’t charge the extra fees for transactions, as a paying customer, you should reconsider.


i like the doposit system, so i can upload $200 in funds to cover 8+ items at once, now I will have to buy 8 individual items at the extra fee, so i will be spending $240 for every $200 in items


Getting rid of the credit system is the worst idea. The only other options are full of fees, and each purchase will require at least one fee. HORRIBLE. What other platform is available that is similar? Google, help me out here because I am unhappy with this decision. Starting to look for Envato competitors today.


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how about no fee, they make descent money and accounting is an expense of every business, 2 million customers and they can’t afford it? what…


Then you have to be civil with your profit. I have purchased over 220 items, worth thousands of dollars and all I see is more and more extra charges. Envato is a great place to buy with great authors and producing great software. I don’t have a problem paying my dues but now it’s about greed and this where businesses begin to fail. Are you not making enough money already? When will it stop? You can take this constructively or kick me off.


Not necessarily! Envato has a shopping cart system in place. Remember, the handling fee is only per-checkout, not really per-item. This means you can add many items to your cart and buy them all at once, and only pay one handling fee.


Hello Envato, it finally respects that your customers want the credit system back! What do you really gain by that?
It is an excuse or your inability! A credit system is pretty much the most comfortable solution for everyone involved, and you benefit most from Envato itself because you receive prepayments and interest-free ones. It costs you neither effort nor large resources. So if you’re arguing that it’s too time-consuming, that’s just not true!
So do yourself a favor and unlock the credit system. You have zero disadvantages, but many thankful customers. Remember, it’s not your market, not your business - it’s your customers’ market and these are authors and buyers at the same time. You are nothing without them! So be grateful and switch it back.

Maybe we are just a small fish, but one of the regular hangs on the hook! We spend an average of $ 1200 a year for 8 years. Alone 80 themes and over 300 plugins for WP, which are already over 12,500 dollars.
The customer is king and one should give in to his wishes.

Believe me: Platform Capitalism has no chance in the long run. Customers want to be able to decide for themselves. And they will be last but not least.


One of the reasons may be a decision to pay out less affiliate commissions, as these were previously counted as 30% of initial deposit to Envato Credits.

Have a feeling that there won’t be any more official Envato replies in the topic:)


No matter how you spin it, nice or bad language, this is pure greed and nickle and dimming at its finest. Being from Canada the exchange rate to US already hurts bad.I will only come here as a last option now from being the first,your betting on people forgetting and this blowing over, but I don’t go to Niagara Falls anymore cause of this same BS. it sucks for the hard working men and women you profit from on here. How about a $200 a year for unlimited tunes.


Stupid. I find music one project at a time