We're removing Envato Credits from Market


@jamesgiroux Do the Envato team realise how much negative marketing this credit removal decision makes and will continue to make when credits runs out for customers one by one?

Customers are walking and talking commercials for Envato. They should all be treated with the highest respect. It would be extremely unwise to ignore an increasing number of unhappy customers for any professional, constructive and civilised company.

Thanks in advance for bringing customers and authors an update with a solution for all of this!


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As mentioned KingDog and myself numerous times in the past, we’re looking for your feedback, no matter how harsh or strong it may be, but please keep it civilized and on topic. Your thoughts and your experience on the matter is valuable feedback, as it betters Envato and helps with managing this situation for future analysis, but please keep this thread on topic, polite and to the point.
Although there are plenty of negative voices here, we are not here to censor, as your feedback is listened to, analyzed, and taken into account."

Then solve it. Put the credit system back in place. Your customers want it. Obvious a mistake was made to remove it and thus you have forced me and others to find other companies that do use a credit system (I have left my credits alone on my account) hoping that you will reverse this horrible decision and can go back to using your company. I do keep checking as I have other work that I need to get done. To be very clear I have purchased credits on the other company. Which is sad as I would have been glad to spend with you. Last but not least your own comment about “there are plenty of negative voice here” really how many do you need before envato finally admits their mistake?


How many before they finally reinstate the credits? Over 700 not enough? I wonder what will happen when a thousand people chime in? In the end I think it’s just a money grab so until it hits their pocketbook it’s not going to change back. I’ve been a member over 10 years and I hate to see it implode but that is what they are risking.


I’m a buyer who has bought hundreds of items on here, on Videohive mostly .I just added an item t omy cart, and so discovered this removal of the credit system and the addition of a $2 charge to every single item, from the $5 to the $40 template. I was about to buy an item. I’m not kidding when I tell you that I’m not prepared to be squeezed like this. So I’m not buying. Well done guys. You just threw away your loyal customer base. Sure I might come back, but if you want to look at my future purchases I think you are going to see a massive decline.



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With this decision no one happy, you can see all above comments from envato community and buyers. Can’t you again add envato credits in market?

We are loosing our buyers and customers. Please if we want to achieve company goal it must we take decision which make happy to all :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:


Good question. To be fair though there are 700+ posts but 166 users here (customers and authors). 166 users is still a very high number in an announcement like this. I really hope the Envato accountants does not make the mistake and compare this number with the numbers increase in transaction fees lately… Because there are many factors to consider. And those factors play out slowly.

Questions like for example:

How many finish their last purchase of placeholders with new transaction fees and leaves?

How many shopped for more than $75 (this is where fees ends) and did not notice transaction fees?

How many of these customers are long time loyal customer which also shops on other sites as well and now will prioritise those more for low cost items?

How many would come to this thread or email, if this change was properly informed to customers?

The only thing that is 100% certain is the market research currently being made in this very thread. So thank you everybody for contributing.


Long time buyer (8+ years) here, never posted anything on these forums or bothered envato staff, but i’m genuinely outraged by this blatant envato cash grab. bring back credits or lose a substantial part of your customer base, myself included


Dear Envato-Team,
very, very bad decision for us - we buy since years your Music, AFX-Projects and other stuff.
We had a very good workflow for the production - we buy credits and our team can download items without knowing the details for payment.
Now it’s no longer possible and we will NOT pay per download - as our team has no access to the needed informations. So we have to search for new options - that’s very sad to loose a good suplier and a easy tool and we loved to work with your site because it was very easy for the team. Please, please reconcider your decision!! We hope you come back to the credit system. Best regards from Germany


Most of us don’t even post on these forums regularly, some never not once prior to this fiasco. With that said, look at all the people that put in the extra effort to even find this thread to voice their opinion. I mean it’s pretty easy to break down what’s wrong with this problem, it shouldn’t take an angry mob Envato.

Pros for removing credits (for creators and customers):

Cons for removing credits (for creators and customers):
-Less business for creators
-Less convenience for customers
-Customer must pay a fee every single time you purchase (an inflated fee at that)
-Less frequent purchases

Now, you also must realize that the average angry or annoyed envato user doesn’t care enough to post on this forum. They’ll instead go on another site and you won’t ever hear from them again. Seriously Envato, what are you guys thinking? This is just beyond boneheaded and greedy.


Bad, bad, bad idea. Not happy at all. Very inconvenient for me to get refunded my expenses from the company where I work. With credits was easier. Credit USD100 or USD200 once in a while and I could use it freely. Now I have to explain every single purchase, not giving me as much freedom as before.
Definitely bad for me.
Sorry for this decision you guys took.


Adding my voice to the collective outcry.
Want to point out that for those of us that have to pay VAT on Envato items the $2 handling fee is actually $2.40 because it is also subject to the VAT.
I appreciate that the ‘handling charge’ is per checkout, not per item, but I’d bet that around 80% of checkout completions are single items. Would be very interested in seeing the stats on that.

Sad when an item is advertised at $16 and now actually costs me $21.40 to purchase (and then also get gouged on the PayPal exchange rates).


I have been here over 7 years and have purchased many things here. I will be leaving if this policy doesn’t change. It’s a ridiculous way to increase costs for the consumer, and smacks of dishonesty. Very disappointing. Hopefully, you will take these comments seriously.


Horrible decision. Can’t even count the ways.


Very disappointed in the decision. We work on a project basis as most people do. It’s hard to group things into larger basket sizes with each project having unique needs that we can’t anticipate. I guess I’m another one of the “small group” of people that this change is negatively impacting.


According to my profile I have been a member for 9 years.

In those 9 years the current system worked perfectly, particularly for when people would assign you credits to use. It was only today that I went to deposit another $50 into credits that I realised this issue existed.

I buy a lot of audio files. In the past year or so I have bought over 200 sound effects. This project isn’t going to end any time soon, and I may buy another 200 before I am finished. But you’re now telling me, that with every audio effect purchase, I have to pay a fee of $1? For what?

For anything else I buy (items from themeforest, codecanyon) it’s $2 per transaction?

No thanks. Thankfully there are good alternatives out there. You’re about to learn a lesson as to why your network of sites were doing so well. And it wasn’t by gouging us for nonsense like this.


What a strange policy change… what was thinking behind this, now that we have all these customers lets milk them for more. Your prices are not honest now. I purchased a simple graphic, advertised at $3, but it is not $3, its actually 4. You are charging a 33% mark-up. Not only were credits convenient but no deception, the price you see listed is the price you paid. You are taking away convenience to your loyal customers to make extra … its pretty obvious and sad the company we all loved is going in this direction.


Dear @jamesgiroux @BenLeong @Sarah_G and any other Envato staff that has influence.

It is really heart breaking to read all the real life feedback from customers here, and I´m sure you feel the same. Hopefully some work is being done behind the scenes now. If not, you need to unite, support each other, be brave and speak up clearly to your leaders.

I think I can speak on behalf of authors and say we can´t watch this anymore. Let the “minorities” be heard! For once. At least here in the safe wonderful Envato world. Envato is better than this. There is no pride or sense in continuing an idea as unpopular as this one.

The numbers of upset customers are increasing to a number that is impossible to ignore now. Let the market research come to an end, and adapt as any professional company would do. If you need more time, put the credit system back on for now, and then present an alternative solution later if you have that. Time is precious, also for our customers.

Thank you!


I’d love to hear a single valid argument from Envato for how taking away the credit system is beneficial to customers and creators.

Not being able to come up with a valid reason is an obvious indicator you guys screwed up big time. Oh and the lack of positive feedback from 750+ posts is an obvious indicator as well.


I don’t have any hope that credit will be back or these additional charges will be removed. So in all this is the final decision and we and all customers should start accepting it now