Well, this is awkward... very awkward...

Hello friends!

Please, listen to my recent hard – rejected track!

I am very surprised, shocked, and want to know your opinion and the most important thing - the truth.

Now AJ - market is very congested, as there are many new authors and tracks. This means that for the AJ - team has increased a lot of work … And this in turn should mean that the AJ - team selects the most high-quality tracks, and does not accept the bad tracks.

AJ team writes in many articles that the music for market should not be complicated, should not have unexpected endings.

I know I am not Denny Alfman, Hans Zimmer, and this track is simple!
But “simple music” - is not the same as “primitive music”.
On my small opinion my track sounds objective very nice :slight_smile: (I know, I’m very modest :)))

Of course, AJ – library has many similar tracks to this, but in fact AJ - library is not very diversed, and many tracks are copying each other.
And if AJ - team will take only a truly unique music - more than half of the tracks must be removed from the library.

And finally…
Of course, the track is not the top - track, and it is not Grammy - track, but I’m sure - he deserves to be accepted!

If you think that sounds bad track and nor deserves to be accepted - please argue your position in the comments.

P. S. Sorry for my English, and greetings from Ukraine!

Hey there Salabaiko.

Your track is quite nice, not perfectly unique ;), but better than many other tracks I’ve heard here (which btw all got accepted).

The reason for the hard reject is most probably your production quality. I’m not an Mixing Engineer, but your mix/master doesn’t sound good enough IMHO. I’m not familiar with resubmissions of hard rejected tracks, but I’d rework it, make A/B comparisons, etc. and ask support if I could resubmit it.

Keep it up.

Thanks, I will try to encrease my level of sound mixing of course!

but main question is - does deserve this track to be approved??

I think you should replace your strings for the main melody, they sound kinda mono, or have some phase issues.
Yeah the mixing is not top notch, but what on AJ is? Most of the music here doesn’t sound better than this.

Hey! Your track isn’t bad, I think, you should just master it in different way - on my monitors it sounds quiet dull and not enough loud.
And greets from Ukraine to you too, btw!:wink:

In my opinion this track does need work before it should be approved. That’s not to say that other tracks not as good as this have been approved in the past but I definitely hear the reasons this track was not approved. I’ll say this the composition is good. It has a nice build throughout with increasing energy. The main issue is the midi programming and the mix. The mix is not terrible but it’s got a lot of specific issues.

Midi Programming: My main issue with the midi programming is your staccato strings. They sound kind of choppy in terms of the velocities being triggered. I feel like I can’t hear certain notes and others really pop out.

Mix: The real problems seem to start after 40 seconds.

  1. the bass drum or whatever it is has way too much sub frequencies and it’s overwhelming the mix. I don’t know if are mixing with a sub or not or really good headphones but this definitely needs to come down
  2. The strings after 40 seconds for some reason sound a little too narrow in it’s panning. The violin/viola sustains in the second half of the piece almost feel mono to me. I’m not sure if you have some sort of stereo imaging plugin narrowing the stereo width or something but it doesn’t sound right.

If I was mixing this I’d start by just soloing all my string parts and getting them to sound really nice by themselves. Then add in the other orchestral instruments like the horns and make sure they sit with the strings nicely. Then at that point I would solo your drum and effects parts and get those to sound good on their own. Then bring everything in together and make adjustments as needed at that point to get it to all gel nicely.

Also make sure to do a lot of listening to other tracks too. Both professional and other tracks on audiojungle that you think sound really good. It’s always good to do a lot of listening to see what types of things are being done with mixes to make them work. This track has a similar vibe and I think you could benefit from studying some of the elements a little bit http://audiojungle.net/item/the-trailer/12168327?s_rank=10

hope this is helpful!

I’d say the mix is the main problem - like the others have said above. Composition-wise, it’s a little ‘samey’. I know a lot of tracks tend to be like this, but perhaps some variation in melody, orchestration etc would be nice.

I agree with the others, but I also found it annoying that you used half notes for the melody throughout the entire track. That gets boring and repetitive really fast. I would at least put a whole note on the second phrase each time - let it breathe much more.

thank you guys for your feedback!

thanks *illuminations for your advising!

I totally agree with everyone, yeah - my mix has many problems (especially with sub bass and mid, high frequencies), but…
By one side, I have listened to hundreds of epic tracks that sounds like midi file, and mix is lke *from box… and they are accepted… and it is a litlle offending me, my track is not worst (in many case it sounds better than other accepted tracks).

But by other side, REJECT - it is MOTIVATION for me to upgrade myself, to increase my level of sound - mixing, mastering, it learns me to be more patience and don’t give up with AJ, make me to work with my music - skills.
Sorry for my English, I am not very good in it!
Thanks for everyone, and … Good Luck With Sales :blush: