Website traffic - How can we increase website traffic and get better rank

Hello all,
I am running an affiliate niche content website. I find hard to get better rank from organic traffic. Does anyone experience on that and could share how we can improve on it. Does the site theme affect to ranking?

Thanks a lot.


We have a guide on WordPress SEO tips on our blog that has some key points to help with your rankings, but your theme can definitely effect SEO if it’s very poorly coded or very outdated. So long as you’re using an up to date and well coded theme (for example, our Total theme which runs on semantic and valid HTML5 code, with built-in implementation and full support for Yoast SEO) in combination with a good SEO plugin you should be on the right track.


Organic traffic is all about optimizing your content and getting incoming links to your website. Try to get high quality links for your website and make sure that you target the most important keywords.


Thanks for your recommendation but I found your link doesn’t work. I also want to change the theme for my Which is the good theme for this kind of site?

Thank you. Is there any resource I can learn?