Website template for AudioJungle author on Themeforest

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A friend of mine said that he is looking for personal page to promote his music not only on AudioJungle. So I understood it as an opportunity for me to create this template for Themeforest to satisfy his and other author’s needs. But I can’t picture the content of such template.

So here are my questions:

  1. Do you need personal page to promote your music or AudioJungle’s features are quite enought for your needs?

  2. What website template on Themeforest have you already found usefull for you? Or maybe you have bought one already?

  3. What content do you plan to place on your website (music player, blog, news, albums, photos, story of yourself, etc)?

I use the PORTO temp plus the Audiojungle Mp3 Player, works wonderful!

Here is my site

Interesting. Thank you for sharing! But why do you use so called “multipurpose template” and not specific one?

For example, this one: Spectra responsive DJ music theme.

Or any of new template for dj (musician, artist, etc) for the past year.

Why not to use them?

And how do you promote your website? How it works for you?

That is a GREAT template “Spectra responsive”. I think the best music sites are ONE PAGE sites so that when people click around your music keeps playing, the PORTO temp was just so versatile. As far as promoting, just social media, I am no internet marketing genius…yet.

Hmm. Thank you, @SkinnyAtlasMusic! And how do you use your site? What is the purpose of your website? Are you sharing it in social media to find some kind of partnership or client? :wink:

Why just not to share link to your profile on AudioJungle or SoundCloud? Why website is more usefull for you?

A personal website is slightly more professional in my opinion, I have it on my business cards when I play live as a “guitarist” in Joey Belladonna’s (Anthrax) cover band Chief Big Way…so I can share it with people and they can find directly what I do with commercial music. At first glance I think AJ is a a lot to take in for someone who doesn’t know the stock market scene or purpose. I find a great deal of people have zero clue where all this background music comes from. I promote on m social media sites yes…and for kicks, I think its just cool to maintain, gives me something to do!

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Thank you for your opinion, @SkinnyAtlasMusic!

Now I have slightly more clear vision of website template for musician. I will try to use your thoughts in my next Themeforest item. Thank you once again!