HTML website template for AudioJungle authors

Hi there! :raised_hand:

Our small team just released first HTML website template for AudioJungle authors. Yeey! :raised_hands::tada:

Now you can create your own website to present your work in more professoinal way. Just correct some links and images and you’re done. :muscle:

It would be nice, if you, guys, pay your attention on our item and gave some advice or any kind of feedback. :pray:

  1. Do you think this template is usefull for you?
  2. What functionality do you think is more important for you as a customer (author)?

Thank you very much and have a good day! :smile:

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looks great!

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Thank you! Do you think this could be usefull for you?

Great work, @Aspirity

Cool idea to make template for AJ authors.

Here is the questions:
1)Have it parsing of new items from AudioJungle?
2)If I have more than 100 items in portfolio how it would appears on this site?
3)What about SEO? As I see there is no more place for text on the main page? How it would affect on search engines?


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Really awesome, modern and clean design. Congratulations on great work!
I would suggest if possible to make audio stop or pause when pressing play on another file (example: when audio plays on soundcloud list and you switch to youtube list and press play) - I don’t know how complicated this would be to set up but that would be amazing. Also, if you want to really have everything that AJ author could want, try to add bottom sticky player with play,stop, previous,next and buy function. Some other marketplaces have it and it’s a life saver for small screens. But i guess that’s for the websites that host their own audio. This template is more for authors that present portfolio through youtube and soundcloud, so that wont be used in this scenario. But for people who want to host their audio files, that would be awesome.

Once again, I really like the desing! Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Hmmm, great! I like it and thinking about buy something like that

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@Background_Music_Clo, Thank you very much for your feedback! :slightly_smiling_face::muscle:

  1. Yes, it is. It using AudioJungle’s official iframe player. So, all you need to do is to change link to your profile and that’s it. New tracks will be added automatically.

  2. Your items will apear in the list. So, it doesn’t matter, how much item you have.

  3. You see, the main purpose of such website is to promote your works by sharing link on it via business cards or facebook, etc. It is pretty hard to achive large amount of traffic for a personal website. But, if you want, you are always able to add SEO text in your “about me” section.

@WaveToys. Wow! Very good advice. Thank you! :grin::raised_hand:

Yes, you’re right. This template is made for authors that present their portfolio through youtube, soundcloud and audiojungle, so bottom sticky player with buy function won’t be used in this scenario. But it is still pretty popular solution. So, I think, we will add this functionality in the next update.

The idea about audio stop when pressing play on another source is exellent. Suprised that we hadn’t realized this mistake earlier.

Thank you! :raised_hand:

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@PrestoSound, Glad you like it :smile:

Nice Work :slight_smile:

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Take a look at the website build with our template:

And the first greatfull comment\review from the first customer :blush:

Good luck!

Wow that is a nice template., I like that your music plays the entire time when browsing the site and doesn’t stop every time a new page loads…great work @Aspirity !!!