Webinar: The top rejection reasons in the Audio Jungle review process. (And how to avoid them!)

Hey AJ’ers!

We’ve got a really awesome opportunity coming up next week for anyone thinking about submitting an item into the audio jungle review queue (Read: EVERYONE)!

Our reviewers are partnering up with some of our most experienced Authors to deliver some invaluable pearls of wisdom on the review process, and how to avoid the most common pitfalls!

Read on below:

Authors are invited to join a live webinar panel featuring two Envato staff and two veteran AudioJungle Authors discussing ways to minimize both hard and soft rejections when submitting to AudioJungle, as well as general production points for stock audio that can make your items more successful for customer projects.

This panel will be made up of:

Adrien Gardiner
Matthew Pablo
Sunchannel Music
AG Soundtrax

We’ll be happy to answer any questions we can as we discuss the perspectives and experiences from both the Author and Reviewer sides of the fence.

Time: Wed, Mar 30, 2016 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Australian Melbourne Time
(Find out what that means for your part of the world here!)

Jump across and register here!

PS- keep in mind that time is limited, so in order to stay on point we won’t be making forward looking statements or discussing issues concerning library topics that are not Review/Quality related, such as:

Specific review mechanisms
Author rates, Item pricing
Competitors processes
Queue times


Requesting same post for VideoHive

Cool proposal!, I hope there is better communication among reviewers and authors in the future. As exclusive authors like me our works get (for unknown reasons to us) many times in the trash bin without any chances for other sites.

We’re hoping for it!

You could call this one a “pilot” so lets give it some love :wink:

That’s what this is all about! :grinning:

Naturally, reviewers can’t spend the time they’d like with every single author, their just isn’t the time. But this is an awesome effort on their behalf to have that stronger line of communication.

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Sounds interesting! Signed up.

Looking forward to it. Thanks!

This is great and might be very useful thing! But unfortunately for us the timing is not so good. Will this webinar be recorded for those audiojungle authors who can’t make it so they could watch it later?


That’s a good idea, but maybe I can make it.

Am all about it! All registered!

Im in - the hard rejections have me scratching my head sometimes

that’s really awesome !

can’t get onto the webinar. it says the session is full

Session is full, well that was a informative webinar :frowning:

Same situation. Cool.

hopefully they upload it for us


Overcrowed full house plenty of hard rejected traumatized audiojunglers like me not allowed to enter :tired_face:

At least you got a session full message - all I get is an unresponsive screen when clicking on the link. When trying to use instant join via a browser it keeps saying invalid webinar ID… oh well?!?

Another author with the request that the useful info will be made available afterwards please. BTW a tad annoying - registered earlier and cleared time but wasn’t able to log in - session full